Live Call Transfers

High-intent consumers looking for insurance quotes are qualified by our specialist team, then sent to your phone. All you have to do is answer. Experience the power of exclusive insurance leads.


Our ZipQuote concierge engages consumers in live conversations, verifying their interest, and transfers them to you in real time.

100% Contact Rate

Calls are sent directly to your phone once consumer intent has been fully confirmed, saving you valuable time.

First On The Line

Connect with an interested consumer within minutes. Your calls are exclusive insurance leads ready for a quote.

Better ROI

Our clients are achieving their revenue goals and closing ratios up to 11% with consumers via our live call transfers.

We get them on the line.

All you have to do is answer your phone.

Our team of dedicated call center concierges pre-qualify and verify consumer information before transferring them directly to you. All you have to do is say “Hello.” 100% exclusive insurance leads.

Learn How Our Live Call Transfers Help You Meet Revenue Goals.

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