How To Use Zoom To Enhance Insurance Customer Engagement

How to use zoom to enhance insurance consumer engagement by ZipQuote

07 May How To Use Zoom To Enhance Insurance Customer Engagement

Since the onset of the global pandemic, many professionals have become familiar with video conferencing. The transition to working from home established a new need and emphasis on video conferencing. Specifically, the video app Zoom has become increasingly popular for various types of communication from chatting with family and friends to holding business meetings. In fact, the use of Zoom has become so widely adapted that often the word zoom is used as a verb to reference video chatting. Zoom can also be a powerful tool for insurance agents to leverage for client and prospect engagement. 

4 Easy Zoom Hacks Insurance Agents Can Use

Even as vaccines continue to roll out and states begin to reopen, it is likely that video conferencing is going to continue to be a preferred communication method for many consumers. When deployed correctly, Zoom can help insurance agents reduce friction when engaging with prospects during the consideration stage of the sales cycle and also streamline and improve the quality of interactions with current customers. Here are four easy ways insurance agents can use Zoom to enhance their sales approach and communications: 

#1. Record Video Calls With Clients & Prospects When Possible

As an insurance agent, how often have you reviewed notes after completing a call with a client or prospect and feel that you might have missed something? Zoom allows users to record meetings, and also offers a recording consent feature, giving insurance agents the ability to playback key conversations with prospects and clients. An archive of recordings can offer insurance agents unprecedented context on your leads from past calls.

Leveraging information from previous sessions with clients and prospects can help insurance agents identify the scripts that work best at various stages of the sales funnel, optimize interactions for quality assurance, tap in to useful details noted in conversations and enhance their presentation skills by creating a simple platform for self-analysis. Records of recorded Zoom chats can be stored on an insurance agent’s desktop device or in the Zoom cloud. Links to video recordings can easily be added to a contact’s CRM record, making future reference more efficient. 

#2. Easily Create Videos Trainings, Presentations Or Demos To Send On-Demand

Zoom makes it easy to record training or demos to distribute as needed to current customers, prospects and referrals. During the awareness stage of the sales funnel, insurance agents are helping to educate consumers on the value of their service, experience and expertise. Videos created in Zoom can be uploaded to social media platforms, added to email workflows or even sent to contacts as a link via text message. Agents may also want to consider recording messaging that relates to specific milestones in the insurance sales cycle that can be quickly deployed once a prospect has completed an action. Recording these types of personal messages in advance can save time and help agents be more effective in their follow-up. 

Unlike written copy, videos allow insurance agents to more easily convey tone, personality, confidence and other non-verbal cues that can help to establish feelings of relatability, familiarity and trust with prospects and clients. In addition to sales-oriented presentations, insurance agents can also use Zoom to create video training where they educate their teams on effective sales methods, such as providing examples for overcoming objections, making the ask, requesting referrals and other impactful scripting techniques.

#3. Host Live Q&A Sessions With Prospects

Since 2020, many live events have been limited. Even as conditions improve and interactive in-person opportunities return, virtual meetings are likely to remain a preferred option for many consumers. Insurance agents can bypass some cumbersome logistics related to in-person events and use Zoom to host live sessions with clients and prospects. Hosting an interactive, virtual session allows agents to connect with multiple contacts in a cost-effective manner. Insurance agents can promote their live Zoom sessions by sending out meeting details across their marketing channels. Using Zoom registrations can help insurance agents collect important contact details on the consumers most interested in learning about their services. Insurance agents can leverage this data later for follow-up communications. 

#4. Connect Zoom To Your Meeting Calendar

Zoom can help insurance agents manage their calendars more effectively. Instead of manually adding meeting details such as important phone numbers or web links, insurance agents can integrate Zoom with their calendar software. This integration will automatically include an insurance agent’s Zoom meeting details when they send calendar invites to clients or prospects, streamlining the meeting scheduling process. 

Invest In A Suite Of Tools To Accelerate Your Sales & Marketing Efforts

Top producing insurance agents are constantly evolving their sales and marketing tool kits. Staying abreast of new technologies and adding various platforms, software, apps and other systems to your process can be impactful in many ways. Tools such as Zoom can help insurance agents elevate their communication strategies, enhance the way they connect with prospects and customers and streamline processes that support business efficiency. While your CRM, video conferencing tools and email marketing platforms are essential to manage day-to-day business needs, insurance agents should also invest in the tools that will help them fill their pipeline with prospects. ZipQuote can help connect you with high-intent leads who are actively searching for insurance. When you partner with ZipQuote, you can expect the assistance of a knowledgeable team of professionals who want to see you succeed.

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