15 Sep ZipQuote Integrates With Farmers Insurance’s SIMS Lead Management Solution, SIMS

This week, we’re excited to announce our recent integration with Farmers Insurance’s Lead Management System, called SIMS.

Farmers Insurance agents are now able to integrate customer referrals generated from the ZipQuote Exchange platform into their SIMS Lead Management Solution account. Leads will be funneled directly into their CRM systems, paving the way for instant responses to consumer inquiries. In an era where speed-to-contact has become a critical component of the digital customer-experience, we’re proud to provide a platform that stands to raise the consumer quality along with conversion rates.   

This naturally stands to benefit agents and consumers by rapidly increasing response times to queries from prospective policyholders, in addition to significantly increasing the number of consumers that agents can reach over time.

“We’re incredibly excited about what the integration means for agents and consumers. Speed to contact is essential to working with modern consumers and meeting their needs. Air distance calculator Local agents will be able to instantly communicate quote and coverage details to consumers, driving efficiency and conversion rates,” said Deborah Mendelson, ZipQuote’s General Manager.

Agents not using a lead management system can opt for email deliver. Otherwise, agents who would like leads delivered to their Lead Management Solution can contact ZipQuote’s Regional Expert Team at 1-855-947-7868 to get set up.

ZipQuote currently integrates with the following Lead Management Systems and CRMs:


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