What Makes a Strong Lead? [White Paper]


29 Aug What Makes a Strong Lead? [White Paper]

Ever ask yourself, “What makes a good lead?” 

As an insurance agent, a huge part of your job requires that you find prospects with the majority of your time. So, do you know which lead you should give your time to and which one to throw out the window? How many of these leads actually convert into sales? So many questions, so little time. Not to worry, at ZipQuote we’re all about saving our clients time and effort. We’ve outlined everything you need to know to land more strong leads and make better use of your time.
  • Discover the 5 factors you need to find strong leads
  • Prevent yourself from ever going on wild goose chases
  • Learn how to prepare for new clients and when to contact them. 

Everything you need to know is inside! Just click the image below to learn the secret to have leads start pouring in! 

strong lead preview

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