The Value of Effective Communication

The Value Of Effective Communication presented by the ZipQuote Success Team

06 Jul The Value of Effective Communication

Communicating effectively is a skill that is invaluable in the workplace, and one I believe can always be improved. At any company, you will have the opportunity to work with many different individuals, with different communication styles. Learning how to tailor your message, and communicate effectively with each one, is a difficult task – but well worth the investment.

Why Communication is Important:

  • Improve ability to collaborate with one another
  • Help employees feel valued – feel as if their voice is heard
  • Help upper management understand and truly hear their employees


What Can Help You Communicate Effectively

1. Listen

Being an active and engaged listener is the first step in communicating well. In the workplace, this can at times be difficult, as you may have multiple high-priority items that you are focusing on. However, when speaking with a teammate, it is important to give them your full attention. Close your laptop, put down your phone, and listen.  

2. Learn

The second step is to learn how your teammate communicates. At times the easiest way to get to this point is to ask each person! Do you want me to email you? Chat you? Grab you in person? What works best for you when it comes to sharing a message, idea or question?

3. Tailor Your Message & Strategy

You have spent time listening, and learning, but now it is time to try and implement. There are a two pieces of this: tailoring your message & the strategy. As one continues to focus on communication, they will continue to improve and adjust. The way you first interact and communicate with a peer, supervisor, or direct report will likely be different than the twentieth time you communicate with them.

Taking a step back every so once and awhile and re-evaluating your communication style and strategy is a great way to invest in yourself and grow, not only professionally, but personally. I feel fortunate that the importance of effective communication was stressed in my first professional position, and it is a skill that I will continue to improve upon on a daily basis.

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