Trending Marketing Tips For Insurance Agents

Insurance Marketing Tips and Strategy

17 Sep Trending Marketing Tips For Insurance Agents

Prospecting can be one of the worst labor-intensive aspects of the insurance agent’s week, but without prospects, your phone is silent. Although it is necessary, prospecting doesn’t have to be a nightmare, nor does it have to be dull! Whether you’re a new insurance agent looking to get started, or a seasoned veteran looking for ways to make marketing more enjoyable, here are a few marketing tips for a better, hair-pulling-free strategy:

  • Target Your Audience. Before you spend time on digital ads, take the time to research the audience you are looking to reach, and make your ads match. For example, if you are looking for auto insurance candidates, make sure you aren’t wasting your time and $ by including 15 year-olds in your campaign. Adjust your campaign audience to match who you are looking to target.
  • Why So Serious? Similarly to targeting your audience for budget and time purposes, if you are looking to reach a younger crowd, traditional ads are less likely to convert. Connect with your younger audience by incorporating bright colors, pop-culture references, and even insurance memes.

Insurance Marketing Memes

  • Offer Insurance Tips via Video: Many YouTube viewers the platform for “how-to” purposes. Teach your audience how to take care of their jewelry properly, or what to do if they blow a tire. Videos are not only a great eye-catcher, but you will be building a foundation of trust which your views will appreciate.
  • User-Friendly Website: You should have a website that is specific to you. Simple websites can be built in only a few hours at a relatively low cost and will help consumers in your area find you over other agents in your area. Offer tips and tricks or reach out to sites to see if you can be featured in articles like “6 Tips to Make Auto Insurance for Teen Drivers Less Expensive.”
  • Utilize Guaranteed Leads: And now for the marketing tips for insurance agents; utilizing the pros to receive guaranteed prospects. ZipQuote’s Live Transfer Leads are generated by its best-in-class software and pro digital marketing team who find high-intent consumers that are actively looking for insurance quotes, then connect these prospects to you directly, guaranteeing 100% contact.

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