Top 4 Ways To Navigate An Accident Claim Efficiently & Prioritize Retention

Top 4 Ways To Navigate An Accident Claim Efficiently & Prioritize Retention by ZipQuote

20 Oct Top 4 Ways To Navigate An Accident Claim Efficiently & Prioritize Retention

Now that Q4 has arrived, client retention and referrals are more important than ever to close out the year with a strong finish. Positive client retention rates and customer loyalty start with creating and executing processes at your insurance agency efficiently and effectively, including your claims process. It’s essential that customers are treated with care throughout the claims process and that customer service remains your agency’s priority. Your policyholders want to feel connected to your agency during the sometimes difficult claims process and know that you are available and in control of the situation.

When you partner with ZipQuote, you’ll gain access to qualified leads that can help grow your business for years to come, especially if you work hard to nurture those relationships, encouraging referrals and retention. Check out the following 4 best practices for developing a claims process that leaves your policyholders feeling appreciated and well taken care of.

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1. Your Insurance Agency Should Quickly Begin The Claims Process 

Don’t delay when responding to a filed claim. While it’s important to follow all the necessary protocols, the quality of customer service, including team efficiency, will be remembered by your policyholders. Nobody wants to deal with accidents or break-ins, and the process that can come with filing claims isn’t always straightforward, but by being available, transparent and efficient for your customers, their impression of your agency will remain positive. This is beneficial not just for retention, but also referrals down the road. 

2. Optimize Your Insurance Agency Website To Clarify The Claims Process

Your insurance agency website is an ideal platform for offering clarity and information about the claims process. Consider devoting a portion of your website content to explaining the claims process. This can include articles, blog posts or graphics. From incident to adjuster, detailing how the claims process typically works can be reassuring to policyholders. Make sure that any necessary forms and contact information are easily found in content relating to filing claims. 

3. Use Technology To Help You Quickly And Efficiently Process The Claim At Your Insurance Agency

It’s important in every aspect of your client services to maintain a robust and up-to-date customer relationship management system (CRM), so you know the most you can about your policyholders. This comes in handy when managing claims and engaging with your clients. Other technological advances in accident coverage include crash detection, which is growing in popularity, and digital claim filing, which should be the norm for most modern insurance agencies. Creating efficiencies for your customers is likely to be remembered kindly when it’s time for them to renew their policies. 

4. Your Insurance Agency Should Follow Up And Make Sure Your Client Is Doing Well After The Accident

The personal touch is essential to creating goodwill with your clients when handling claims, as well as after incidents take place. Be kind and respectful throughout the process, and once claims are resolved, continue to reach out and make sure whatever resolution took place is satisfactory, from car repairs to replacement. If there were any injuries, checking in on your customers in an appropriate way throughout their recovery is also a personalized touch likely to be appreciated. Many customers may prefer text or email for these communications. Be prepared to handle any issues that may have arisen. Customer service is an ongoing process and shouldn’t stop when claims are resolved. 

A Strong Claims Process Can Work Alongside Your ZipQuote Lead Partnership

Efficient and streamlined claims processes are essential to retaining policyholders and encouraging referrals, but to continue to drive growth, agents must also work a steady flow of new prospective clients. The experienced ZipQuote team is committed to helping you connect with high-intent prospects through lead generation and live call transfers, so you can write more policies and scale your ROI. From first lead to a strong customer experience strategy, your agency can build from the ground up.

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