Time Management Tactics for A Better ROI


19 Sep Time Management Tactics for A Better ROI

The most successful sales agents in the insurance industry know that their time is valuable. Every hour not spent speaking with a prospect and advancing to the point of a sale is money lost. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of backroom work to be done before an agent is connected with a prospect, and lead generation campaigns can be a huge drain on agent’s time and energy.

The most successful agents employ carefully crafted time management techniques in order to be more efficient and get a better return on the investments they make into lead generation, but often still face the ubiquitous challenge of finding those high-quality leads that can translate into sales. Sixty-one percent of marketers still consider quality lead generation as their biggest challenge, and recent studies have shown that only 5-10% of qualified leads successfully convert for marketers on the whole.

At ZipQuote, we know that finding the time to do all of this preparatory work is no insignificant burden for our clients. Lacking the power to magically add more hours to the day, we’ve compiled some of our best time management tactics for sales agents looking to improve their results.

  1. Pay attention to the details. You may be sending out hundreds of emails to prospects each day – but are you getting anything from this exposure? The British Red Cross changed their email signature to include a clear call to action at the top of their emails, and found that 20% more of their prospects were suddenly ready to make a donation. Although they may be in a different field, the same principle rings true for anyone trying to generate leads. Every detail of your communications has the potential to change a prospect’s mind, so make sure you don’t overlook the small things. Making the most out of every communication that leaves your desk will save you the valuable time that many agents spend following up with prospects.
  2. Consolidate your lead generation process. Anything you can do to eliminate steps from the timely process of acquiring and nurturing leads is invaluable. When you integrate your lead nurturing into your lead generation from the start, not only do you save time, but your prospects feel like you’re committed to finding a policy that will work for them. Successful agents consider lead generation and lead nurturing as one and the same, setting up standards for lead quality so they can treat each new lead as a genuine prospect deserving of their time and efforts.
  1. Outsource your lead generation. Sales agents may have a special talent for talking with prospects and selling policies, but these skills do not necessarily translate into effective lead generation. Hiring an experienced external lead generation service takes the entire burden of lead generation off agents’ hands so they can focus on what they do best. Working with a lead generation service is also a guaranteed way to improve overall lead quality and avoid wasting time on leads that won’t go anywhere. A professional lead generation team is solely dedicated to this task and has far more of the resources necessary to seek out and secure quality prospects in your target demographic and region – and their success is contingent only on yours.
  2. Integrate call transfers. A call transfer service transfers leads directly to agent’s phone lines during the working hours they define. ZipQuote’s service transfers agents leads who have already been screened according to the agent’s qualifications. Our concierges speak with pre-qualified prospects first, and transfer ‘warm’ calls to agents, meaning that they have a confirmed intent to buy insurance and actively wish to speak with someone who can provide more information. No time is wasted trying to get in touch at a good time, and the agent is positioned as a seasoned expert with a good team working for them. From here, the road to a sale is short and smooth.
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