The Case for Compliance


29 Sep The Case for Compliance

Insurance agents work in a challenging environment. At any given time, only 3% of the insurance prospect market is actively purchasing policies, while 56% are not ready, and 40% are poised to begin, but haven’t yet started the process. Agents face competitive odds from the start and inevitably spend a large portion of their career on the phone with prospects that turn out to be dead ends. Many agents turn to an external lead generation service to help improve their overall quality of their leads, but some third party lead generation services cannot be trusted to deliver legitimate leads that have been sought out in compliance with consumer protection regulations.

At ZipQuote, we know how important being in compliance with TCPA and FCC guidelines is in conjunction to the success of our clients. We pride ourselves in keeping our databases covered and rely on our knowledgeable agents to stay current with practicing laws. We know that sales agents are already fighting an uphill battle, which is why we do everything we can to optimize our clients’ lead generation strategies and improve their chances of success. We ensure that our clients never have to face legal ramifications after having defined their search criteria. We use search campaigns that are in strict compliance with regulations so that we can ensure we are never overstepping these boundaries.

Agents who have made the decision to enlist the aid of a lead generation service should seek a company with experience, a solid reputation, and a guarantee that their lead search campaigns are TCPA compliant. TCPA, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, was passed in 1991 to regulate the use of pre-recorded messages and auto-dialers in order to protect consumers from being bombarded with unwanted telemarketer calls. As of 2013, the FCC also ruled that companies are prohibited from contacting consumers without their prior written consent. If a company is required to comply with the TCPA and fails to do so, they may be fined a whopping $11,000 per incident.

Rather than besieging large swaths of consumers with automated, pre-recorded calls, we use refined search campaigns with filters that correspond to the target demographics of our clients. Agents who also use our call transfer service gain the advantage of having an expert concierge make the first contact with the client, ensuring both that the contact information is valid and that the person on the other end of the line has an intent to buy. These additional steps allow us to deliver solid prospects with confidence and continue building our reputation through our clients’ repeated successes.

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