How Can You Be a Highly Successful Insurance Agent? – 6 Tips

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10 Jul How Can You Be a Highly Successful Insurance Agent? – 6 Tips

The insurance market is unlike any else. The process, from selling to maintaining, is completely unique, because everything from the price, to the coverage level, is variable. Consumers are asked to spend large sums of money on something that cannot be seen, touched, or held, which can make it difficult to become a successful insurance agent or seller. The average household spends over $10,000 annually (per person!) on health insurance alone, making the insurance market a high payout industry. 

So, how can you set yourself apart and be a highly successful insurance agent? It begins with understanding that selling insurance is much more than just promoting a product, it is about forming a partnership that may last a lifetime. As an agent, focusing on selling yourself alongside the offering and realizing that the sale goes far beyond the initial contact are some of the most effective ways to sell and maintain customers. Here are 6 tips that have become essential to highly successful agents:


6. Be Available 

Your customers are more than just a signature on a dotted line, they are people with lives and busy schedules. As a salesperson, it’s important to gain trust with your clients and be consistently available to meet their needs, even beyond the sale. Patiently answering each question and concern is the best way to assure your clients and instill confidence in their decisions, creating trust and solidifying loyalty. 

Satisfied customers become loyal and loyal customers advocate for you, setting you apart from others and growing your business. 

Need a kickstart on getting to know your customers and meeting their needs? Read how analytics can play a big part in learning more about your customers, in order to easier solve their problems down the line!


5. Persistence is Key

persist for success


There is a thin line between productive persistence and obnoxious, annoying behavior. So, as an agent, it is essential that you understand the line to correctly utilize persistency and close your leads. In fact, only 2% of sales occur during the very first meeting, and just over 80% of sales are made after the fifth call

Finding the “Goldilocks zone” (just right!) of continued communication with consumers can make the difference between closing a prospect and losing one. 


4. Speak Less, Listen More.

Sometimes, customers can be overwhelmed with a long sales pitch and get lost in the words, missing out on the value offering. Breaking up the conversation with questions for the consumer- personal or product related- allows for a personalized relationship to be formed. 

Whether during the initial sale or afterward, giving the customer a chance to speak and be heard is a great way to establish a connection beyond the seller/buyer relationship. Be more than an agent, and be a friend. 


3. Know Your Product!

“Customers are more likely to trust salespeople who show confidence in themselves and what they are selling.” The best way to increase confidence is to know the ins and outs of the product you are selling. It may come across as unprofessional if you are consistently answering questions with an “I don’t know” or “I will have to check for you” response. Of course, no one has all the answers, but it is important to take the time to research and study your product and services. The most successful insurance agent- and sales representative in general – has an overwhelming amount of knowledge on the topic at hand.

Product knowledge portrays higher enthusiasm, greater persuasiveness, and an overall better understanding of the offering for all involved. 


2. Set Goals and Work Towards Them.

Goals, goals, goals! Setting daily, weekly, and monthly goals for a sales team is highly important in order to track progress and measure results. Whether this is the number of prospects reached, follow-ups completed, or sales logged, setting out numbers to hit is the best way to accomplish tasks and understand where improvements need to be made. 


set goals to be a successful agents


1. Welcome and Encourage Growth Through Failure.

Working as an insurance agent doesn’t always ensure success. Rejection and failure are felt as commonly, if not more, than wins. However, with each failed attempt at gaining a new client or maintaining their business, there is something to learn. 

Mistakes are followed quickly by growth and a newfound knowledge for how to perform better with the next opportunity. The most successful agents will always welcome rejection, in order to turn it into success later. 


Are you an agent with more tips for success? What would you share with others? Leave a comment below!

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