Staying Productive On the Go


16 Dec Staying Productive On the Go

Daily commutes can be a drag––whether it’s 45 minutes of sitting in traffic or a 10-minute walk to the office, the time it takes to get to work can often feel like a waste of time. As an insurance agent, you’re most likely well versed in the monetary costs of a long commute, but what about the cost of time?

If you’re one of those people who want to be productive while in transit, we’ve got great news: Here are four creative ways you can make the most out of your daily commute.

Listen to a podcast or audiobook

Listening to the radio has always been a staple of the morning commute, but podcasts and audiobooks allow you to have that much more control over what you’re hearing. NPR produces a number of fantastic podcasts, such as This American Life, Invisibilia, and Planet Money, providing all sorts of interesting information you can use to increase your knowledge. If you’re more interested in long-form content, apps like Audible have thousands of audiobooks to choose from. LifeHealthPRO recommends these five podcasts for insurance agents:

Learn a Language

In 2013, LifeHealthPRO wrote that the Hispanic market is a “huge” and “growing” opportunity for insurance agents, stating that 37 percent of Hispanics admit they do not have enough insurance to protect themselves or their families. So why not learn a language during your commute in order to communicate better with this growing consumer base? This may seem like an ambitious goal, but there are actually ways to improve your language capabilities during a commute. An app like DuoLingo or a program like Pimsleur make learning a language simple and fun. DuoLingo is more interactive and does require screentime making it great to use when commuting via mass transit; however, Pimsleur lets you easily download audio lessons to listen to in your car.

Create your daily to-do list

If you’re the type of person who likes to prioritize their tasks for each day, then making your to-do list while on the bus or train can be a great use of your time. Setting clear objectives can help your productivity and keep you setting realistic expectations. One of the best tools to help you determine your goals each morning is Evernote. Allowing you to organize tasks by day and categories, the app makes it easy to manage your entire schedule. It also automatically syncs across your other devices and allows you to share lists with others.

Clear your inbox

Anxious about the long list of unread emails in your inbox? Spending a few minutes before each day cleaning out your unread messages can feel very satisfying, and with apps like ASAM, you can do it all with your voice. Using the latest technology in AgileSpeech, ASAM is able to read your messages aloud and gives you the option of dictating a response. This way, if you’re driving, you can be “reading” and responding without your hands having to leave the wheel,

While commuting and traffic will probably never be fun, it is possible to turn that time into something worthwhile, such as learning a new skill or just cleaning up your inbox. Your time is precious – and now it’s productive as well!

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