How To Use Social Media To Reach Audiences Shopping For Insurance

How To Use Social Media To Reach Audiences Shopping For Insurance by ZipQuote

28 Jul How To Use Social Media To Reach Audiences Shopping For Insurance

When you’re promoting your insurance business, it’s essential to consider how different types of marketing channels can be leveraged to help you connect with more prospects and nurture relationships that deliver LTV and ROI. Social media platforms have become very popular with insurance agents who are looking to reach consumers across different markets with tailored messaging. 

Consumers are comparison shopping when they are choosing insurance. Social media channels offer insurance agents the opportunity to capture the attention of those consumers and highlight the solutions their agencies offer

The reasons someone might be shopping for insurance, including recent moves, upgrading or downgrading policies, adding drivers, saving money or being first time buyers, are all situations that can all be addressed on different social media platforms. By understanding how different platforms work for different audiences, insurance agents can connect with shoppers. A strong marketing plan can be optimized with a lead partner like ZipQuote

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Before you get started with your social media marketing remember these 3 things:

You need…

A strong insurance brand identity.

Your social media posts should be memorable and easily associated with your business, so consumers remember you when moving from browsing and researching to making decisions about which insurance agent to choose.

Consumer-friendly web pages.

Ideally, your brand exposure on social media will drive traffic to your website and landing pages. Even if you’re doing paid marketing on social media, organic social media posts should also have specific calls to action (CTA), fun creative and clear messaging. Confused consumers will choose another insurance agent

A lead partner like ZipQuote that supports your agency growth by providing quality and quantity leads.

The ZipQuote team understands the value of a diversified business strategy and believes in a customer-oriented approach. And, once you know more about the kinds of leads you’re getting, you can match a social media marketing strategy to that audience. When you partner with ZipQuote, you can expect the assistance of a knowledgeable team of professionals who want to see you succeed.

Understanding Which Social Media Platform To Choose For Your Audience

Every insurance agent knows that targeting your audience and tailoring your messaging is an important part of connecting with the prospects most likely to convert. It’s important, when positioning your insurance brand on social media, to keep your intended audience in mind by being available on the platforms they use the most. 

5 Major Social Media Platforms That Can Connect You With More Prospects


Your Facebook page can almost operate as an extension of your website, explaining your products and services, offering contact information, links to fill forms on your website and other full funnel functionality. 

Audience: The majority of Facebook users are over 35. This is often an audience with families and prior experience with auto insurance. 

Expert Tip: Use Facebook to build your community, and create one-to-one engagement opportunities with your clients at a local level. 


A great platform for highlighting your knowledge of the insurance industry, recent wins, new hires and any conferences or events where your agency will be represented. 

Audience: Primarily other business professionals that can help build your agency’s network.

Expert Tip: Use LinkedIn to make deeper connections with your network. Casual acquaintances could become clients if you effectively leverage your LinkedIn contacts. 


Many brands on Instagram have fun with user-generated content (UGC) video campaigns that push promotions, upcoming deals and quick soundbites. 

Audience: More than 50% of Instagram users are between the ages of 18 and 34, who are likely to be open to more general insurance advice.

Expert Tip: Instagram is a great place for insurance tips and solutions that can be captured in a fun, short video. Show off your expertise, but make it short and sweet. 


Popular for clever, quick videos, TikTok is similar to Instagram, but more popular with Gen Z. 

Audience: Likely young drivers who are looking for inexpensive options once they leave their parents’ policies. 

Expert Tip: Quick, fact-based videos that answer common questions. 


If you want to convey the benefits of your products and services, new offerings or recent policy upgrades, YouTube is a popular option for sharing simple videos and it doesn’t require a lot of fancy production knowledge or editing skills. 

Audience: 1.8 billion people worldwide use YouTube, so it’s more important to create content that builds your brand expertise than targeting a specific audience. 

Expert Tip: Educational videos, webinars, Q&As, etc. that explain the benefits and essentials of auto insurance and what to look for in an agency, let people who are looking for insurance answers find you. Create ongoing content to continue to attract these curious consumers.

A Social Media Strategy Can Work Alongside Your ZipQuote Lead Partnership

As with all aspects of growing your agency, it’s important to make a plan, set goals and consider how different social media platforms fit into your larger marketing strategy. Recent studies show that a growing number of consumer buying decisions are influenced by social media, making it an important part of your marketing mix. A top-of-the-funnel strategy like organic social media marketing and community engagement works hand in hand with a lead partner like ZipQuote helping you execute and reach your goals, while making sure you aren’t putting all your marketing eggs in one basket. 

If you are looking to connect with high-intent insurance consumers, an experienced partner can help you achieve your goals. The experienced ZipQuote team is committed to providing high-quality insurance leads and calls and can help you connect with high-intent customers. Click here to learn more about how ZipQuote can help you grow your business.

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