The Power Couple: Why Leads and Call Transfers Are Better Together


22 Sep The Power Couple: Why Leads and Call Transfers Are Better Together

A report from Ascend2 showed that lead generation strategies were only successful for 13% of businesses in accomplishing their main objectives. Many agents waste an enormous amount of time generating leads, but even agencies that are working with dedicated third-party lead generation teams suffer from the time constraints of the work day. Once you have a solid prospect, there’s still the question of how to get them on the phone at a time when they’ll be willing to hear what you have to say. Even after this initial contact, over 79% of marketing leads don’t convert into sales with the lack of lead nurturing as the leading cause.

Once an agent receives a good lead, there’s still some work to do before reaching a sale. The leads we deliver to our clients are guaranteed to be contactable, but humans live busy lives and it can be difficult to call at the ‘right’ time.

To make sales calls easier for our clients, we offer a live call transfer service alongside our lead generation services. Using the two services together delivers impressive results. Clients who have been using our call transfer service along with our lead generation services report a 28% higher quote rate, a 76% higher policy rate, and a 14% higher written premium overall.

Our clients can attest to the quality of the leads we generate for them. Agents using ZipQuote are delivered pre-qualified prospects with a confirmed interest in their policies. With the extra time they suddenly gain in their work day, our clients are able to focus on nurturing these high quality prospects and writing more policies. Our customers also report lower costs per policy written and a higher average policy rate as a result of using our lead generation services.

When you use a call transfer service, your lead generation work is suddenly reduced to simply picking up the phone. Our clients define their filters and target territories up front, and set a schedule for when they are available to take calls. Our lead generation team finds ideal prospects that fit the specifications, and then make the first contact, confirming that the prospect is qualified and has intent to buy. Finally, the call is transferred to your lines, streamlining and optimizing the entire process and leaving agents with nothing to do but close the sale.  

We’ve seen that a vast majority of sales go to the first company to speak with a prospect after they’ve confirmed their interest. While your funnel may be full of excellent leads, allowing a window of time for other salespeople to reach your prospects first will diminish the return on your lead generation investment. Our call transfer service helps agents connect with prospects first, only moments after they’ve spoken with one of our specialized concierges. The ability to speak with a prospect while they’re available, on the line, and happy to hear what you have to say offers our clients a huge advantage, and make their job easier. To learn more about how our standard leads and live call transfer service compliment and enhance each other, visit our website.


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