4 Strategies To Optimize Sales This Holiday Season

4 Strategies To Optimize Sales This Holiday Season by ZipQuote

30 Nov 4 Strategies To Optimize Sales This Holiday Season

Tis the season for many people to shop, party and celebrate! Despite the joyful atmosphere, it can be hard to feel motivated to sell, especially since it can be a slower time for insurance sales overall. The good news is there are tactics you can try to boost sales, upsell existing clients and head into 2023 with a positive mindset and an arsenal of leads ready to convert. By implementing these 4 sales strategies, and partnering with ZipQuote, you could have a holly, jolly holiday.

Holiday sales strategies by ZipQuote

#1. Change Up Your Contact Method

There are a number of obstacles that can make it harder to sell this time of year and reaching your customers is definitely one of them. Consumers are overwhelmed with emails and likely too busy to pick up the phone, so consider switching up your outreach strategy. Try texting or connecting over social media. And, if email and phone calls are still your preferred method of contact, consider updating your subject lines, calling at different times of the day or consulting your CRM from last year to see what trends led to engagement and conversions.

#2. Focus On Promoting Savings, Offers & Incentives To Current Customers

The holidays are an expensive time of year for many people, which could lead them to push off signing a policy. To deal with this hesitation from potential customers, consider upselling existing clients by creating personalized messages that outline any savings potential they may receive by taking advantage of a new offer or year-end discount. Outline and highlight how this new service or plan could solve a pain point for them, and be clear on the dollar or percentage saving they’ll enjoy by signing up promptly. Keep messaging consistent across platforms, including mailers, emails and social media.

#3. Get Personal & Embrace The Season

The holidays are an ideal time to engage with your clients one on one, via handwritten notes or personalized emails and texts that wish them well for the holiday season and new year. 

Make sure to keep it brief and friendly and don’t overdo it – you don’t want your customers to get tired of you or feel annoyed. A holiday card in particular may be more likely to get opened, since many people look forward to cards during the holidays. By reconnecting with clients, you might receive referrals or set up appointments for after the holidays. Warm holiday messages can also be effective for prospecting or win-back campaigns. 

Also, remember to show your clients and prospects who you are. If you or your company is engaged in charitable or volunteer efforts during the holiday season, include this info in your updates. 

#4. Keep Your Advertising Live During The Holiday Season

It can be tempting to go dark during the holidays, particularly if it feels like a slow time of year, but this could cost you business. There will always be prospective customers who need your services, and pausing lead buying and digital campaigns can impact conversions when those customers choose a different insurance agency or tire of waiting for you to engage. Stay live, create opportunities for your agency and show up for prospective clients and existing customers who may need you during the holiday season. It could boost your bottom line, and create trust and loyalty with your policyholders.

Stay Motivated And Positive This Holiday Season – And Partner With ZipQuote 

One of the best ways to overcome selling challenges during the holiday season is to stay motivated. Focus on working new leads and channel your energy into productive activities. Keeping your sales staff motivated and focused during the holiday season can be tough, but nothing is more reassuring than knowing you have quality prospects to contact. The experienced ZipQuote team is committed to providing high-quality insurance leads and calls. 

Ready To Optimize Your Holiday Sales? Contact ZipQuote Today!

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