A Health Insurance Agent’s Guide to OEP: Three Tips

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24 Oct A Health Insurance Agent’s Guide to OEP: Three Tips

Open Enrollment Period (OEP) is without a doubt the most hectic time of the year for health insurance agencies. Don’t get caught unprepared! We’ve created an action plan to set your business up for success. Here are three tips that will allow you to feel confident, prepped, and ready to connect with customers before OEP begins.

 1. Prepare In Advance

Preparing for OEP well before November 1st allows a chance to maximize your written policies and get ahead of the competition. Start making contact with potential clients, scheduling appointments, and ensuring any FAQ sheets are up-to-date. 

Additionally, it is important to determine your goal for OEP. How many policies are you hoping to sell? Determine the number of leads (consumers looking for health insurance) you’ll  Look at your current marketing strategy. Setting a budget for the month allows you to allocate your funding appropriately and keep your pipeline full!

2. Utilize Available Marketing Tools

Based on your goal, calculate how many qualified consumers you will need to speak to daily.  After calculating your estimated natural referrals, if you are not meeting your goal, utilizing a marketing partner to fill the gap with qualified internet leads might be a great option.

ZipQuote drives large-scale marketing campaigns to find customers matching your exact filters. These customers are actively researching health insurance, and have high purchasing intent. The most successful agents on the platform spend between $500-$2,000 a month, but only you know your business goals!

3. Establish a Follow-up Strategy

It is crucial to immediately reach out to the consumer after receiving their request. With the limited time frame of OEP, people have a sense of urgency when it comes to obtaining health insurance.  According to Forbes Magazine, there is a big difference in attempting to contact a consumer within 5 minutes of their request versus 30 minutes later.  The key is to create awareness and best practices within yourself and to also have the technology to be the most effective and efficient in your attempt to contact and engage the consumer.  

If you are unsuccessful in the initial attempt to connect with the consumer, don’t give up! Immediately follow up with an email to schedule a specific time to connect, and be sure to follow through with your appointment!  Consistency is key in the follow-up process to create a strong strategy. Utilize a scheduling app to keep track of your follow-up process for each lead.


Now, make this your best OEP yet!


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