Marketing for New Insurance Agents | 7 Must-Read Tips

Marketing For Insurance Agents Tips

28 Apr Marketing for New Insurance Agents | 7 Must-Read Tips

If you’ve just opened your new agency’s doors, you may be looking for insurance marketing ideas to help get your business off the ground. Once you start searching, you’ll quickly discover there’s no shortage of ideas out there—so many that it might seem overwhelming! We created this list with you in mind. These are seven easily implementable tasks and action items that can help you with insurance agency marketing as you choose between thousands of potential options.

#1. Know and understand these terms.

Here’s the scoop: new agents may find the first few months of a new business overwhelming (you’re not alone!). Between learning management strategy, proper sales techniques, accounting, and marketing, you’ll have your strengths and weaknesses.

Here are a few key terms:


Subsidy is financial assistance that a parent company provides its agents to use with digital marketing providers (it’s basically free money!).

Target audience

Identifying your ideal customer– the one that brings in the most revenue per policy. Try to get as specific as possible here, i.e., lives within these zip codes, is accident-free, etc.

Internet lead

The contact information of someone who is searching the internet for car insurance.

Inbound inquiries

These are people who are interested in your services coming directly to you via email, phone, walk-in, or through a lead platform.

#2. Create “sharable” content.

Social media marketing for insurance agents is not successful if you are just promoting your services or business hours! Engage with your followers and even gain new ones by posting content that is likely to be shared. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter users love to reshare DIY tips, surprising statistics, sentimental moments, and engaging videos.

Here are a few content ideas you can create and share:

insurance joke zipquote


When you invest time in creating quality content that others will share, you are creating “free” marketing opportunities through word-of-mouth. Get creative!

#3. Secure your online business accounts.

This tip is one that many new agents easily forget! Before a prospect walks through the “doors” of your agency either in person or online, they’ll likely perform a virtual background check. Studies show that between 70-80% of people research a company online before visiting the business or making a purchase with them. Even if your parent provider is well-known, potential customers want to know about your agency specifically!

You must take control of your online business presence.

First, do an internet search of your agency name, and claim your business/set up verified accounts on sites like Yelp and Google. Claiming your business accounts will allow you to field reviews (good or bad) of your agency, provide essential contact information, and ensure you like what customers see on these platforms. Once you begin to secure policyholders, invite them to “Leave a glowing review on Yelp if we exceeded your expectations!”

#4. Leverage insurance marketing experts to kickstart your business.

As a new agent, it is even more beneficial to leverage a lead supplier like ZipQuote. ZipQuote doesn’t just find leads; we find customers who fit your “ideal customer” list. Traditional marketing efforts by agents can take months to ramp up an agency to the level you are looking to achieve. Using ZipQuote’s easy-to-use marketing platform, you can save thousands of dollars and days running personal ad campaigns to try to reach customers, or you can utilize ZipQuote’s media specialists who work to find customers that fit your specification.

We’re also just friendly people. Reach out to the team, and we will discuss your marketing needs for any budget!

New ZipQuote agents can qualify for a monthly promotional offer in addition to a subsidy. 


#5. Have fun with campaigns that give back.

One tip that might be surprisingly impactful both for your business and community is to get your agency involved in community events! Get to know your community! Become a title sponsor for the local high school baseball team, participate in a run for a cause that is important to your organization, or host a pancake breakfast. While you’ll feel great giving back, getting involved in the community is also a perfect opportunity for word-of-mouth networking.

ZipQuote Employees


#6. Maintain social profiles.

In addition to creating the “sharable content” for your profiles, consider spending time throughout the day (i.e. when you arrive at the office and before you leave) to ensure you are responding to questions, comments, and concerns.

Keeping yourself connected to your clients and the world around you makes you a “real person” to both customers and prospects. Don’t forget to update the contact information like business hours, phone number, email, etc. so potential customers can convert to policyholders!

#7. Nail your pitch.

With solid materials, a clear online presence, and access to quality leads, all that’s left is to nail your pitch. Read ZipQuote’s tips on converting leads into satisfied customers!

Click here to learn more about how ZipQuote can help you grow your business. Contact us today!

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