Live Call Transfers: The Perks of Pre-Qualified Consumers

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27 Jul Live Call Transfers: The Perks of Pre-Qualified Consumers

While standard internet leads are a good way to build your book of business, live call transfers can help take your agency to the next level.  These warm leads can save your agency both time and money, since the consumer is delivered directly to your phone.  These prospects are targeted by sophisticated search filters and pre-screened, so you don’t have to spend time dialing on unqualified candidates. With the latest live call transfers offered by ZipQuote, you can spend more time closing deals and writing policies. In greater detail, here are the benefits of having pre-qualified customers delivered directly to your phones.

Guaranteed Applicability

Using sophisticated search algorithms, our team finds specific consumers who fit your pre-set demographic. You can select territories and specialized filters, and then set a calling schedule to make sure you only receive calls during business hours. At ZipQuote, our team of experts employs search, mobile, and TCPA compliant campaigns in order to guarantee 100% contactable leads for our clients.

A Personal Touch

Our live call transfer Concierge Team engages potential consumers in live conversation, ensuring they meet strict qualifications and are currently able to purchase a policy. After the consumer’s intent is verified, the rep ensures they are not already a policyholder with your agency. The “warm” consumer is then transferred to your sales agency. Once the call is transferred, your sales team already has the lead’s background information and is able to address them by name, saving valuable time and personalizing the conversation.

Higher Closing Ratios

Agents who use Zipquote Live Call Transfer leads report closing ratios up to 11%. When the call transfer service is used in combination with our lead generation services, those agents report 24% higher quote rates and 78% higher policy rates.

Incorporating call transfers into your lead generation strategy is a surefire way to increase your book of business while also reducing your workload. To learn more about how you can save time and boost the quality and receptiveness of your leads, visit our website.

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