Lead Generation: How To Find Clear Lead Channels


08 Sep Lead Generation: How To Find Clear Lead Channels

If your insurance agency is thinking about partnering with a lead generation service, one of your first considerations should be your own preparedness. In order to get the most out of the partnership, you should provide your own set of quality-control standards and parameters for the leads that you want your agency to work. Providing the lead generation service with as much information as possible on your ideal prospects and preferred lead channels will help everyone involved to perform at their highest capacity, and ensure that your leads will have a high rate of return. This week on our blog, we’ll lay out some strategies for developing these clear lead channels.

  1. Determine your target market. This is obviously your most important step, and the process should not be taken lightly. Use comprehensive analytics to help you narrow down who your ideal prospects are, and where they reside. The more details you can provide on who you’re hoping to speak with, the easier it will be for your lead generation team to scout out leads that are likely to become clients. If your sales team isn’t using analytics to determine the demographics of their target market, there’s no better time than the present. Expert lead generation services can assist you in improving your analytical capacities to help you refine your concept of your ideal prospect over time. Twenty-five percent of marketers don’t have any idea of their conversion rates (B2B), so refining your analytics will also place your agency ahead of the competition.

  1. Decide on the scope of your reach. The ideal lead channel will offer you maximum exposure, but all that exposure isn’t worth much if the people reached don’t fall into your target demographic. It’s enormously important to research the areas you’ll be reaching out to in order to determine which regions are your best bet for a targeted marketing campaign. Ideally, you should start out with multiple channels, and monitor closely to see which channels are the most effective for finding qualified leads.

  1. Consider your clients. Not all lead channels are created equal. ZipQuote uses high-intent lead channels such as direct navigation as well as paid and organic search to find and deliver leads that have a far higher chance of having a real intent to purchase a policy. When deciding which lead channels to work with, consider your potential client and how their level of responsiveness will vary depending on how they are contacted. Leads found through high-intent channels have already indicated their interest in your company, and are likely to be impressed by the speed at which you respond to their query with an attractive offer.

  2. Weigh the costs. Again, attentive analytics play an important role in finding your optimal lead channels. Before embarking on a large lead generation campaign, make sure you have measurement systems in place so that you can track your lead channels’ performance and cut out channels that aren’t delivering on your investment. A third-party lead generation service will do this work for you by reporting on various channels’ success, helping you determine how to adjust your target demographics, and directing you where to put the bulk of your efforts for future lead generation campaigns. Surveys have shown that on the whole, outsourcing lead generation to an expert is 43% more efficient than generating leads in-house (Fearless Competitor).


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