Introducing The New And Improved ZipQuote Return Policy

Introducing The New And Improved ZipQuote Return Policy

14 Jul Introducing The New And Improved ZipQuote Return Policy

If you’ve been hoping for an updated dispute resolution process for returns from ZipQuote, you’re in luck. That process has been eliminated and replaced with a more streamlined, agent-friendly return process. Keep reading below for more details on this exciting update, and learn more about how ZipQuote is investing in your marketing strategies. 

What Happened To ZipQuote’s Dispute Resolution Process For Returns?

It’s been eliminated! The ZipQuote team is dedicated to agent success. We realized this process created a distraction from your focus on growth and we took action. 

Why Did ZipQuote Eliminate The Dispute Resolution Process For Returns?

We know that time is money for our agents. Your time should not be spent disputing returns. ZipQuote wants our agents to have the most seamless and satisfying experience possible, so when agents said they weren’t pleased with the dispute resolution process, we looked for ways to make the return process easier and more efficient. 

What Is The New ZipQuote Returns Process?

In addition to the removal of the dispute process, ZipQuote will now manually investigate all “invalid phone number” returns using our call centers. With this new validation process, we expect you could see significant improvement in your rate of accepted returns.

Furthermore, by manually auditing 100% of “invalid phone number” returns, ZipQuote can eliminate online traffic sources that tend to generate these invalid leads.  The end result is better quality and better ROI for our agents.

How Will The Elimination Of The Current ZipQuote Dispute Resolution Process Benefit My Business?

The new validation process is designed to save you time and help you focus on contacting and converting leads, ideally, increasing ROI and scaling policy enrollments. We are dedicated to supporting your business success. In this competitive insurance market, every minute and dollar counts. 

Do I Need To Do Anything Different On My End With The New Return Process?

Nope! We got you covered! The new validation process will not impact any other aspect of your business with ZipQuote. In fact, the process should make returns easier for agents.

With ZipQuote, agents have a partner committed to their success. We understand that when it comes to returns, it’s all about convenience and making the process as seamless as possible. Our agent-focused approach means we constantly improve our products and services to offer the most comprehensive solutions to agents and their teams. When you partner with ZipQuote, you can expect the assistance of a knowledgeable team of professionals who want to see you succeed and have a track record built on sustained value.

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