Insurance Sales Strategies: Calls Versus Emails

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17 Dec Insurance Sales Strategies: Calls Versus Emails

As an insurance agent, two of the most powerful tools in your sales kit are calls and emails. While both are effective channels of communication, a key difference between calls and emails is volume and connectivity. Calling is a more personal way of engaging with a contact, but often requires more time. Email marketing allows for a high volume of messages to be sent in a short period of time. However, email can be a less direct form of communication. Conversing on a call with a contact allows insurance agents to engage in two-way communication. This way agents can leverage the benefits of asking questions, while also building rapport and enhancing relationships. Emails can be scheduled in advance and automated. It can also be visually appealing and include informative content. 

Effective outbound sales strategies rely on a combination of email marketing and calling tactics to reach and convert prospective customers. As you focus on driving sales, you will want to determine which tactics are more powerful in various scenarios. Here are a few examples to help you determine whether emailing or calling is the most effective way to help drive a prospect through the sales funnel

Outbound Sales: When Is It Best To Call? 

Traditionally, outbound sales tactics have relied heavily on calling strategies. Today, technology continues to evolve and present new ways to connect with clients and prospects. As a result, phone calls remain a crucial medium for communication. In fact, calling is the second most personal way to interact with a client or prospect, with only in-person interaction ahead of it. Connecting with a prospect over the phone can help you quickly deliver a consumer with the insurance solutions they are seeking. 

Calls allow an insurance agent to hear a client’s needs that go beyond the words they are speaking. Agents should listen to cues from their prospect’s or client’s tone, energy and inflection. Calls help insurance agents leverage carefully created scripts to deliver impactful content in the form of a conversation. Because of the two-way communication format, calls are also a great strategy to build rapport and trust in your client and prospect relationships. A well-timed phone call strategy could even help you win back lost business. When first making contact with a prospective client, a call or voicemail can be an effective way to get their attention. Ultimately,  establishing the first step toward engagement. 

Outbound Sales: When Is It Best To Email? 

Emails can be a cost-effective and efficient way to connect with a large number of prospects. Email marketing allows for an agent to customize outreach using personalized tokens. This avoids recreating a new message over and over again. An additional benefit of email marketing is its ability to present informative content in a visually appealing format. Email marketing is often best used to help create and build brand awareness, nurture leads and foster loyalty. By leveraging the ability to drive contacts to a clear call-to-action, email marketing can help present consumers the chance to take action when they are most ready and interested in insurance services.

Sending an email as a follow-up to a phone call can effectively help a contact to learn more about your offers and services. While also leading them down a path to take action. Email marketing is also a great tactic to use when keeping in touch with current clients outside of milestone moments. Email marketing is often most effective when messages are tailored to a customer’s unique needs. When sent during optimal days and times, email marketing can be a powerful communication vehicle to help you connect with prospective and current insurance clients.  

To Drive Sales You’ll Need To Leverage Calls, Emails & Quality Leads

To drive conversions and sustain a successful outbound sales strategy, you’ll need to leverage a combination of both calling and email marketing tactics. Consumers are continuing to proactively submit inquiries and quote requests online. Whether your strength is email marketing or calling, insurance agents have an opportunity to capitalize on the benefits of internet leads. The experienced ZipQuote team is committed to providing high-quality insurance leads and calls. Click here to learn more about how ZipQuote can help you grow your business. Contact us!

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