Insurance Agent Resources: Using Analytics

using analytics

29 Apr Insurance Agent Resources: Using Analytics

Analytics have been the backbone of our ZipQuote and many other successful companies for a good reason! Using analytics provides valuable insight into your audience, website performance, and provide key metrics for planning future strategy. 

Nowadays, there is more to learn about your customers than just age, gender, and location. Below are three key metrics that you should be collecting and reviewing in order to grow your agency.


  • Conversion Tracking

Your website should have a “more information” or “contact me” form with a submit button. On the backend of this button should be conversion tracking (click here to learn how to add conversion tracking). Use these metrics to track how many of the consumers who visit your site are requesting more information. If the number is low, consider a redesign!


  • Behavior Flow Reporting

For many customers, your website may be the first interaction they have with your company. Understanding how your customers move through your website (aka behavior flow reporting) can help you identify any problems with your online presence.

Behavior flow reporting helps you identify any pain points with your online presence. If customers are consistently only spending a few moments on a particular page, perhaps the content needs an overhaul. Conversely, clients spending a lot of time on a particular page could mean that that content is really resonating with your audience.


  • Keyword Traffic

It’s important to know what keywords bring your customers to the website. Are they searching for insurance companies in your area? Do you have trending content such as blogs, videos, etc. that are driving traffic to your site? Learning what keywords or terms are bringing traffic to your site. Using analytics, you should incorporate these keywords into SEO and include them in blogs, meta descriptions, and advertising campaigns. Searches could also indicate that you should make certain information more prominent or in an easier to find location.


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