Improving the Quality of Your Leads


13 Sep Improving the Quality of Your Leads

In 2016, lead generation has continued to drive new business across all industries, according to Ascend2’s “2016 State of Lead Generation Survey Summary Report.” The report also found, however, that companies weren’t just interested in any lead; instead, they’re specifically interested in improving lead quality. Some of the report’s key findings included:

  • 77% of marketers said improving lead quality was the most important goal
  • 53% of marketers said improving lead quality is the most significant barrier to success
  • 39% of marketers said they described themselves as very successful in lead generation
  • 40% of marketers said they described themselves as somewhat successful in lead generation

As we’ve mentioned in our white paper “
What Makes a Strong Lead?,” there are many factors that play into generating a great lead including reliable data, the person’s behavior, interest in your product, and more. However, there are ways to improve your leads without making drastic changes.

  • Agree on the definition: First and foremost, everyone in your agency should be on the same page of what a “qualified lead” is and how that is measured. Whether you define it around increasing revenue, getting an agreement signed, or another metric make sure the definition is clear and all teams buy into that definition.

  • Settle the score: Next, you’ll want to start assigning scores to your leads. This can be something as simple as a hot, warm and cold ranking or a rating system of 1-10 assessing the fit and interest based on your definition of a qualified lead.

  • Test it out: If you aren’t testing, how to do you know what works and what your potential leads are actually interested in? Setting up A/B tests that isolate one element at a time (such as the subject line on an email, the call-to-action on your website, the length of any forms, etc.) is the best way to gather insight about your potential leads, make adjustments in real-time, and begin to establish best practices when it comes to generating qualified leads.

Nurturing a lead is an on-going and involved process, but having some best practices in place, in the beginning is one of the best ways to not only improve your lead generation but also improve the quality of the leads you’re generating. At ZipQuote, we take the time to identify leads so that you can spend more time closing and converting them. Get the quality leads you deserve by
partnering with ZipQuote today.



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