Improve the Odds: The Benefits of Call Customization


27 Sep Improve the Odds: The Benefits of Call Customization

Imagine not having to worry about whether or not a client was going to pick up the phone when you call them. Agents spend a lot of time reaching out to people who don’t answer the phone, and even if they do reach a prospect, a large number of them won’t fit the necessary criteria and are unlikely to become clients. There are many ways to improve your odds at each step in the sales process, and it all begins with customizing the way you buy and work leads. Building a strategy for identifying and singling out only the most qualified prospects involves a lot of work up front, but it makes the rest of the lead nurturing process far more efficient and productive in the long run.

The ZipQuote Difference
ZipQuote takes an agent-centric approach to lead generation. Our clients’ success is the blueprint to our strategy and we take extra effort to improve the chances that our leads become paying customers. Rather than focusing on delivering a large quantity of leads, we prioritize lead quality and “contactability.”

Why ZipQuote?
After listening to thousands of agents tell us what they’d like to see in our service, we developed ZipQuote Exchange, a platform that filters leads and measures their performance in real time. Our expert advice team also assists agents in crafting their approach by offering industry insights specific to sales goals and delivering strategic advice on developing lead search directives.

Custom Lead Delivery
Aside from offering standard lead packages, we also provide a call transfer service that delivers these leads at the peak of their intent to purchase by using proprietary predictive analytics and consumer-behavior modeling. Our experience in lead generation along with our advanced advertising technology allows us to pinpoint prospects that are ready to speak with an agent about purchasing a policy.

Customizing leads for your needs is simple – simply select target regions, demographics, and filters, and then leave the rest to us. Agents who are using our call transfer service in addition to standard lead generation can also specify the time window in which they’ll be available to receive calls. Research shows that 30-50% of sales go to the agent that responds first, so we strongly encourage our agents to only specify hours they can work these calls.

Enlisting an expert to customize your search criteria for prospects will automatically place you at an advantage. While some agents simply play the odds, working off of large pools of leads that have a statistically low chance of advancing to sales, ZipQuote agents spend their working hours pursuing leads that are far more likely to be responsive. At ZipQuote, we believe that further automating your lead generation process to include call transfers during your customized time frame makes for an even more efficient and successful work day.

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