How To Choose The Right Lead Provider For Your Insurance Agency

how to choose the right lead provider

30 Dec How To Choose The Right Lead Provider For Your Insurance Agency

As the year winds down, you are likely evaluating the areas where your team succeeded and identifying areas for growth in 2021. This is the time of year when insurance branches and team leaders from across the country analyze their marketing strategies to create a winning plan going into the new year. The events of 2020 have dramatically shaped consumer behaviors across many aspects of daily life, including how they shop for and value insurance. As more and more consumers increase the time they spend on desktop and mobile devices, insurance providers have an opportunity to capture consumers where they are, when they are most ready to take action. By investing in a partnership with a quality lead generation provider, agents have the propensity to fill their pipelines and close more deals each month. 

Unlike brand advertising or public relations, lead generation is often part of a holistic performance marketing strategy that can help insurance teams have more transparency into how their marketing and advertising efforts translate into ROI. While there are many benefits to lead generation, not every lead generation company is the same. Here are three items to consider as you seek a lead generation partner to help you maximize your conversions in 2021.  

Three Important Questions To Ask When Comparing Lead Generation Companies

As you hunt for a lead generation company to help you maximize your customer acquisition efforts, you will want to make sure you are weeding out companies that don’t align with your strategy. Here are three key questions to help you evaluate the differences between lead generation companies:

Is The Company A Lead Generator Or Aggregator?

Lead generators source many of their own leads, generated when consumers complete actions, like completing an information request form, that indicates a higher level of intent. This often allows lead generators to provide higher-quality leads to their clients. Lead generators typically can provide more transparency into the leads they sell including where the lead came from. Leads sold by lead aggregators are collected from other sources, and may not have the same level of transparency about how leads were derived.

Does The Company Recycle The Leads They Sell?

Recycling might be good for the environment, but it is not ideal for many customer acquisition strategies. If a company sells recycled leads, it is likely that the leads you receive will not be delivered in real-time. If it has been weeks or months since a consumer originally requested information, the level of intent is likely to be lower, making these leads harder to convert into new sales.

Can You Scale The Number Of Leads You Buy As Your Needs Change? 

As a prospective insurance lead buyer, you should seek to partner with a company that can grow with you. Ideally, partnering with a lead generation company and working their leads should help you grow your business. As you begin to close more business or your team grows, your lead needs will change. You want to work with a company that can provide you with leads that can scale as your needs and capacity evolves. Moreover, the best internet lead providers, like ZipQuote, will have expert staff to help your team identify ways to make the most of your lead buying strategy.  

Consider The Importance Of Reputation & Experience Of Your Internet Lead Provider

After you have found a few companies that can provide you with satisfactory answers to the questions above, it is time to consider the value of reputation and expertise. ZipQuote is not only known for it’s high-quality leads, but also it’s stellar customer service, agent-oriented approach and industry expertise that helps its clients maximize advertising efforts. Here are a few recent ZipQuote reviews to read as you research lead generation companies for 2021: 

“Professional and courteous staff that custom tailors a lead program for you to be most successful reaching and closing internet leads.”

“ZipQuote has been a consistent lead provider since I opened up my Agency. Great product and customer service as well.”

“ZipQuote has been terrific in working with us to create a great stream of auto insurance leads. We have worked with numerous lead aggregators in the past and ZipQuote has been one of the best!”

When you partner with ZipQuote, you can expect the assistance of a knowledgeable team of professionals who want to see you succeed. Click here to learn more about how ZipQuote can help you grow your business. 

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