How To Choose The Right CRM For Your Agency


16 Sep How To Choose The Right CRM For Your Agency

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems can be extremely helpful to you and your team. Using a CRM can improve organization, boost productivity and help you reach the right prospective consumers at the right time, ultimately, resulting in sales growth and increased revenue for your agency. Taking time to choose the right CRM for your marketing and sales objectives will help you manage a streamlined workflow and convert more high-intent consumers into long-term clients. 

A CRM is a powerful tool that can make your sales producers become more efficient by helping them advance leads through the sales funnel in a timely manner, driving more conversions as a result. A well-managed CRM can also offer great support for your service team, allowing them to efficiently and effectively nurture your existing customers. But how do you make sure you choose the right CRM for your team? Read our quick guide below to learn about three important factors to consider when choosing what CRM to incorporate into your insurance agency.

What Are Your Objectives? 

What defines your sales success? Probably writing more policies. 

How are you going to get there? By contacting more high-intent consumers and having a reliable, consistent follow-up process.

In order to stay up to date with your follow-up process, you should look for a CRM that helps you organize your pipeline, remember follow-up messages and reach your prospective and active customers via their preferred communication methods, including phone, email or SMS. Taking the time to establish workflows with the help of a CRM can enhance the customer experience, convert more consumers from prospects to customers, close more sales, retain existing customers and generate more referrals. 

Do You Need To Save Time With Automation? 

As an insurance agent, one of your main priorities is likely to be maximizing your time by working efficiently so you can sell as many policies as possible, manage your team and support existing clients with their claims. Though you might have sales techniques and a customer service team you can rely on, an effective CRM can help take your team to the next level. CRMs can facilitate communication, help organize your outbound campaign strategy and automate trigger-based responses to clients.

While there are many marketing solutions available to help grow your agency, having automation tools in place, such as auto responses, can help you reach consumers at the right time and retain your clients by providing immediate service. In some cases, you can integrate lead data right into your CRM to help streamline your contact management process. Investing in a CRM can save you time and help you convert more leads into loyal customers. 

Do You Need To Level Up Both Your Sales Process & Your Customer Service? 

With an insurance agency, the sales producers and the service team members are both extremely important contributors to your agency’s growth. However, their roles and responsibilities differ quite a bit. Fortunately, a CRM offers capabilities that benefit both teams. For sales producers, having all relevant information within a CRM can help them close more deals and stay up to date with potential prospects. For client service providers, a CRM offers easy access to a customer’s file and the ability to process a claim or look up claim status with the goal of providing a quick turnaround for their inquiry, increasing overall client retention. A CRM can help you stay connected with existing clients and allow you to track, manage and communicate with them so you can renew the most business and stay ahead of client needs. 

Investing in a CRM can contribute to your agency in tangible ways and can make your daily routine more efficient and more effective. Now that you’ve considered what is important to you and what you should be looking for in a CRM, you probably can’t wait to bring more clients into your agency. ZipQuote can help connect you with high-intent leads who are actively searching for insurance. When you partner with ZipQuote, you can expect the assistance of a knowledgeable team of professionals who want to see you succeed. Click here to learn more about how ZipQuote can help you grow your business.

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