Lead generation dates back to the earliest days of trade when information on prospective new clients was spread via word of mouth through a network of people. In some ways, this hasn’t changed: we still solicit each other’s opinions and share information about everything from potential business partnerships to sneaker brands. The difference is that today, most of these inquiries occur on the Internet rather than over a cup of tea at the neighbor’s house. We have a constant link to the web in our purse or pocket all day long and have become accustomed to the convenience, speed, and accuracy with which we can answer our own questions.

The first search engines and online marketplaces appeared in 1995, soon to be followed by Internet viral marketing, and then the launch of social networks and Youtube between 2003-2005. Each development in the way we communicate with each other also created a new pathway for lead generation, especially as participation in these new networks requires or encourages users to share large amounts of information about their personal identity, likes, dislikes and location. Social media platforms, which now reach over 75% of all Internet users, now even give users the opportunity to tailor the marketing they see. On a larger time scale reaching back to the early days of trade, the intervals between massive evolutions in the way leads are generated are shrinking rapidly, just as they have in the technological realm.

For sales agents running lead generation campaigns, the Internet is the new headquarters of operations. Consumers are more frequently researching and purchasing products online, and feeding the web more information about their identity, preferences, and habits all the while. The future of lead generation will be determined not only by the desires of insurance sales agents, but by the willingness of the public to volunteer personal information and their own initiative to use the Internet to find products and services that match their needs. This white paper will outline a few current trends that will shape what lead generation may look like in the future.



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