Featured Entrepreneur Article: How to Prevent Disengaged Employees

Disengaged Employees

22 Dec Featured Entrepreneur Article: How to Prevent Disengaged Employees

CEO of UE.co, Jason Kulpa, was recently featured in Entrepreneur for his article, “How to Prevent Disengaged Employees from Killing Your Bottom Line.”

Every employer loves the eager spirit that comes with a new employee. The struggle comes later, in the post-honeymoon period. As months go on, even top talent can be at risk of disengagement, a serious — not to mention costly — problem for companies. A recent Engagement Institute study suggests that workers who aren’t engaged collectively drain American corporations of up to $550 billion annually.

Is it an epidemic? Not quite, but it’s a significant issue that organizations must face head-on. Without a strong company culture that meets employees’ needs, the most amazing venture can fail to meet its goals and potential. According to Leigh Branham, author of “The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave,” those fundamental requirements include a desire for trust, hope, a sense of worth and a feeling of competency. An employee engagement project from Custom Insight echoes Branham’s findings and goes a step further to add respect and purpose to the mix.

Rather than wait for a disengagement crisis or an exodus of key players, a business needs to map out a plan to combat workplace ennui. Otherwise, they could find themselves floundering after an erosion of their core ecosystems.

Spotting Workplace Disengagement Early

Will you know workplace disengagement when you see it? Managers often overlook or misinterpret the indicators that employees are checking out, starting with “sick days.” Research from CareerBuilder indicates that more than one-third of workers have called out when they weren’t the slightest bit ill.

Does the office look emptier on Mondays and Fridays? This might also be a sign you have unhappy employees on your hands. They likely won’t share this feeling with you directly, but a brief companywide survey aimed at identifying internal changes might get to the heart of the matter and increase morale.

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