Is Facebook Advertising Worth the Money?

Facebook Advertising

04 Jan Is Facebook Advertising Worth the Money?

If you are considering advertising on Facebook, you might be wondering if social media advertising is worth your time. Do Facebook ads really help you get leads, or are you wasting your time? The good news is that when used properly, Facebook advertising can be a great way to generate interest in your company.

Focus on Your Audience

Every Facebook ad campaign is targeted at a specific audience. It is important to discover your target audience and focus your efforts on reaching that group. Maybe you only want to target people living in a specific area, or your goal is to reach women in their 20s. Facebook ads can target narrow audiences, allowing you to only reach the people who might be interested in your product or service. This may allow you to save money while bringing in greater revenue.

Do Not Give Up

Not every ad campaign is going to work perfectly. The key is finding the campaign or campaigns that connect best with your target audience. At times, this is going to mean trying several different campaigns simultaneously and then eliminating the ones that are not working. Of course, it is important to not give up on a campaign simply because it is not working for the first day or two. Unless one campaign is seriously beating out all the others, give all of them at least a few days to prove their worth.

Avoid the Three Deadly Sins of Facebook Advertising

No matter how hard you have worked on finding your target audience, if you lose their interest once they get to your page, you have committed one of the Deadly Sins of Facebook Advertising. Once customers click on your ad, they should be directed to a page that demonstrates your skills and expertise while also solving a problem for your target audience. You only have about 15 seconds to convince the person to stick around and learn more.

A second thing you should never do is assume you know what your audience wants and only try one or two campaigns. As mentioned earlier, variety is the key to finding what works for your company. At times, this may mean creating similar ads but simply switch the headlines, images or copy.

The final Deadly Sin of Facebook Advertising that you should avoid is failing to be specific. Potential customers should understand right away why your product or service is different and valuable. Beginning with your headline all the way through to purchasing your product or service, people should feel like clicking on your ad was a valuable decision.

Of course, one of the most important things to realize is while Facebook advertising can help you generate great leads, the process is going to take time and effort. Along the way, you must be willing to try different strategies and find what works best for you. If you are willing to put forth the effort, you might be surprised how quickly you will start seeing results.

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