Tips on Driving SEO and Improving Traffic

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14 Sep Tips on Driving SEO and Improving Traffic

As we enter the second half of the year, there are many ways to build on your company’s SEO. One method that is often attributed for its great success in building popularity for websites and blogs is hyperlinks. By linking one website, or a page on a website in your blog to another you are contributing to the likeness that a reader will go from one site to the next. In return, this will build the popularity across the websites, and up their SEO. More clicks = more traffic. So how exactly does the insertion of a link builds the popularity of a site?


Links can make a great impact on SEO so long as they are used correctly. When using links, one should attempt to maintain relevance between the sites that readers are looking at, and the quality of the sites the links will lead them to. According to MOZ, anchor text refers to the text that “other pages use to link to your site”. Much like the link in the previous sentence, you want the words that are hyperlinked to lead to a site that is relevant to what they are stating in an enticing way.

MOZ also reveals: “[links] show search engines how other people view your page – and by extension, what your pages may be about.” By ensuring that the anchor text you use is relevant to the page it is listed on, you can decrease that chances of it appearing on search engine results for irrelevant topics. You’ll want to continuously update your site with new content, and new internal links to increase traffic. Keeping your site updated will ensure the importance of the links you add remains high.


The links that your site makes connections with should not be just any links. Trust is a very important factor in linking, and it can make or break the kinds of searches that your site is brought up by and irrelevant content can turn “clickers” away.

Spam takes up an enormous portion of the internet. The types of sites that link to your sites will classify your site within a certain link neighborhood. By getting trusted websites to link to your page you can raise the trust factor of your site and increased traffic. 


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