Tips For Insurance Agents: Turn Your Leads Into Policies

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06 Nov Tips For Insurance Agents: Turn Your Leads Into Policies

You’re making the right moves! By investing in leads, you are on your way to writing more policies and growing your business. However, a key factor in converting a lead is your follow-through process.

Before jumping on the phone, take a look at these tips to help your sales process. While, looking at analysis and data metrics can be helpful in understanding what goes on behind a sale, your actual sales process is equally as important. Using ZipQuote’s insurance leads are a smart investment, now maximize your success rate by nailing the sale.

Have you ever heard the saying, “persistence is key”? This is especially true for sales. As an agent, giving up on a lead too early is one of the largest mistakes you can make. Pairing persistence with these tips will help turn your insurance leads into more polices!

Act Quickly. 

The more time that passes between the consumer’s initial quest to receive a quote, the greater the chance that they have continued to seek out more options… Which means more competition for you. The obvious best way to combat this is to connect with your lead ASAP. Set a goal to contact your lead (via phone then follow up with email if necessary) within 30 minutes of receiving the consumer’s information.

Listen to What the Consumer Wants.

Be sure to take notice of what the consumer is looking for. There is nothing the consumer hates more than having to repeat him or herself. Look at the notes about what the consumer is looking for, don’t try to sell auto insurance to someone looking for home insurance.

Personalize The Experience. 

Bad salespeople only talk about the product—they go on and on about it! But good salespeople listen to what their consumers are asking for and then create a specific experience for. If your lead is looking for auto insurance, be sure to explain how they will benefit from your service, i.e. if they are a safe driver and you offer a safe driving bonus.

Follow Through When You Say You Will. 

If a consumer is not ready to commit, let them know that you will be calling them back at a specific time, and actually follow through. This not only shows professionality but also dependability and customer service, all traits consumers look for when choosing a new product or service.


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