Communicating with Your Customers – 4 Tips from the ZipQuote Team

Customers Communication Tips by Zip Quote

10 Aug Communicating with Your Customers – 4 Tips from the ZipQuote Team

Working with customers daily, especially in CS, requires your best social skills. Much like in any other work field there is a process one must go through in order to give clients a great experience. I asked the ZipQuote Regional Account Manager team at Underground Elephant what they felt was the most important skill utilized when interacting with customers. Here are their responses:


Vanessa Gonzales says, “It is very important to listen to the agent. You want to really be able to understand their situation and figure out a way you can make things better for them. Sometimes allowing them to just vent their frustrations will allow the problem to diffuse, and then you are able to give them your solution.”


Shannon Pinion stated, “ Being as transparent as possible with my customers so that the expectations are clear. Always repeat the problem the customer is having back to them so they know you are listening and understanding”


Armando Castaneda advises, “The ability to listen, interpret, and have patience to what the customer needs. Bottom line in CS if you can’t listen patiently and interpret what the client needs, and help them while getting what you need too, it’s very hard to make everyone happy. My goal is to have a win/win all around with clients.”


Jessica Sitton stated, “I think that the most important thing to remember when talking to agents is to phrase things in a way that is understanding…Often people just need to change the way they interact with the platform…For example, rather than saying ‘you are not returning leads properly’ just say ‘I see the leads have not been processed properly. Are you familiar with the return process or would you like me to walk you through it?’”

It is through this recipe of skills, and qualities that the ZipQuote team has proven to be successful in not only maintaining, but keeping happy Underground Elephant’s Clientele. For more tips on how to communicate well with your clientele and business partners be sure to take a look at our ZipQuote Expert Advice website.

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