Collaboration is Key to Successful Marketing Software

Marketing Software Collaboration

02 Aug Collaboration is Key to Successful Marketing Software

Beyond the revelation of a new idea or process to optimize your marketing software, there should always be a “success” checklist of collaboration that the three branches of business sign off on prior to affirming completion.  The three branches are Operations, Project Management and Development.

Communication will always be vital to an endeavor becoming a success.  Ensure that all branches are involved in the creation of requirements that satisfy the need or want from the business user.  Discussion and collaboration through meetings allows the knowledge of all branches to vet the idea.  Operations managers should always share the end goal of this new process or project. Clearly defining the efficiency or revenue impacts of the work is important.

These concepts seem obvious, but allow time for your development team to collaborate together and communicate through the technical requirements. Set a timetable for the project’s completion.  Rome wasn’t built in a day; be patient, let your resources focus and think.

Finally, test thoroughly, monitor carefully. If everything is a go, declare success.

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