Call Transfer Service – Skipping to the Front of the Line


17 Aug Call Transfer Service – Skipping to the Front of the Line

For an insurance agent trying to write policies, timing is everything. At one point or another, all agents have experienced the frustration of wasting valuable hours making cold calls to consumers who aren’t interested in a quote, or who won’t even take the time to hear the pitch. Even if you have a funnel filled with prospects that fit perfectly into your target demographic, cold calling at the wrong time can cause an agent to burn through their leads in no time. Using a call transfer service is one of the most effective ways to mitigate this difficult aspect of telephone sales.

Insurance agents who use live call transfers get pre-qualified leads delivered directly to their phone lines. A call transfer service will first confirm that the lead fits the appropriate demographic and possesses the necessary qualifications for becoming a real client, and will then confirm their interest in getting a quote during their first contact with the prospect. Once interest is affirmed, the service will transfer the call directly to the insurance agent, and only during the time frame of their working hours.

Thanks to the preliminary conversation the consumer has with the call transfer concierge, the insurance agent gets the refreshing reward of speaking only with interested parties – and only at the opportune moment. ZipQuote’s call transfer service gives agents’ book of business a huge boost by connecting you as quickly as possible to a lead, giving you the first opportunity to speak with a potential client. This gives a huge advantage to the agent – it’s been estimated that 78% of sales go to the first company to speak with a prospect. When they no longer have to spend hours of their day chasing down fruitless leads, agent also gain valuable time that can be spent writing policies and nurturing existing promising leads.

Teaming up with experienced experts in lead generation is a highly strategic move that more and more insurance agents are employing in order to stay competitive. Enhancing your lead searching capabilities by using a specialized service helps you reach people who may not be on other agents’ call lists, and are therefore more open and willing to listen to your offer. The seamless transfer service sends the prospect directly to your lines during pre-set working hours, requiring agents to simply pick up the phone and speak to a willing ear. Swiftness is king in the world of agent sales, and ZipQuote understands the importance of being the first on the line. Try incorporating call transfer services into your marketing strategy, and join ZipQuote’s clients in achieving closing ratios up to 11%.


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