Asking For The Sale Part 3: Powerful Phrases To Close The Deal

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25 Aug Asking For The Sale Part 3: Powerful Phrases To Close The Deal

The insurance market is fiercely competitive. For agents striving to become top producers, mastering the art of closing the deal is vital to their sales strategy. An agent cannot successfully close a deal until they have spent ample time building and nourishing their relationships and created scenarios to present “the ask.” In our “Asking For The Sale” series, we’ve identified the common reasons why sales agents have difficulty asking for the sale and identified the behaviors to avoid when presenting the closing offer. In our final article of the series, we will present strategic phrases that can be impactful for closing a sales deal.

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What To Remember When “Asking For The Sale”

As you prepare your sales presentations, the language, tone, and energy you use to convey your messages will help you form lasting connections with your prospects. It is essential to portray genuine care and curiosity so your prospects feel heard, understood and respected during the sales process. As you prepare to present “the ask,” here are a few strategies to keep in mind to help you avoid inauthentic selling tactics:

  • Communicate urgency
  • Address specific issues
  • Present alternative options
  • Summarize product offerings and benefits


3 Powerful Phrases To Help You Master Asking For The Sale

1. “It seems like our product is a great fit for your needs. What do you think?”

This phrase “asks for the sale” by presenting a question. It puts the prospect in the driver’s seat by allowing them to take the next step. This phrase also re-establishes that service is a proper solution for the prospect’s needs.

2.  “I suggest we move ahead and start the process. That way, your business will see the benefits as soon as possible. If there’s nothing holding us back, let’s get going.”

This phrase is confident, knowledgeable and direct. Most importantly, this phrase implies both progress and momentum and sets the prospect up perfectly to move forward. Tactful wording empowers sales agents to be steadfast, but not forceful in their requests.

3. “By signing up now, I can offer you an X% discount on our services by (date).”

This phrase emphasizes the urgency and offers an incentive to move forward quickly. This phrase can be especially useful if you know the prospect had a preferred deadline. Focusing on a deadline helps to encourage your prospect to think ahead to positive results. In addition, offering exclusive or time-sensitive discounts can be enticing and attractive for a prospect’s budgetary needs.

Prior to asking for the sale, it is important that you’ve already established trust between you and your prospect. You want to be confident and assertive without being overly aggressive. Preparing to present the ask and optimize results means knowing when to listen and allow your customer to take the lead. Remember, making a decision can be difficult. As an agent, it is your priority to help make your client’s decision process less stressful and more efficient. You cannot do that if you do not properly ask them to make a decision. There are many aspects of the customer journey, but by mastering “asking for the sale,” you are creating a strategic business approach that can bring you closer to a full pipeline and high conversion rate.

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