Asking For The Sale Part 1: Why Agents Don’t Ask

Man celebrating asking for the sale and closing the deal.

10 Aug Asking For The Sale Part 1: Why Agents Don’t Ask

“Always be closing.” Sounds easy enough, right? Sales is often an exciting, fast-paced career that involves high levels of customer interaction and engagement. There are few things as exciting as closing a deal, however asking for the sale can also feel stressful and frustrating at times. Sales is a process that requires careful strategic planning and precise execution, mixed in with some genuine positivity, empathy and relatability. As an insurance agent, you can spend hours tailoring an approach to the specific needs of your prospects, but closing the deal is a key step for insurance agents. 

Asking For The Sale Is A Closing Tactic All Insurance Agents Should Master

The tactics you use can bring your closer to your end goal, and asking for the sale is a crucial technique. In fact, asking questions is one of the simplest, yet most powerful, techniques in closing sales. Many top producers identify that learning how to effectively “ask for the sale” has positively contributed to their conversion rates. The ask is delicately worked into the conversation and is part of each interaction an agent has with their new leads and nurtured prospects as they progress through the sales funnel. Unfortunately, for some agents, learning how to ask for the sale organically can feel uncomfortable. 

3 Reasons Why Agents Don’t Ask For The Sale

Before you can implement a solution, you should identify the problem. Without realizing it, there are probably some fears holding you back from feeling confident in your ability to properly deploy “the ask.” Here are three reasons why you might not be asking for the sale: 

  1. Concerns on harming your relationship with your prospects & clients
  2. Uncertainty regarding when it is the right time to ask 
  3. Fear of rejection


No matter what is holding you back, many sales professionals have felt anxious and nervous at times, but have been able to overcome these feelings to find success.  Some agents have even experienced “reluctant sales syndrome,” where although they have the personality traits of a top producer, they are not confident enough to present a sale assertively. Maintaining a professional image built on a foundation of product knowledge and industry expertise will assure your prospects they are working with an insurance agent who can understand their needs and provide a thoughtful solution. Remember, as an insurance sales professional, it is your job to ask for a commitment – that is not an insult to your potential customers. 

Embracing The Ask Is A Part of Strong Communication & Presentation Skills

Many successful insurance agents believe strong communication and presentation skills are crucial to their success rate. Embracing the art of the ask as an essential aspect of the sales process and conversation can help accelerate that success. Closing deals is often the biggest hurdle agents face in the process. Learning how to implement asking for the sale, without feeling disconnected to the relationship between the prospect and agent will help agents enhance their sales strategy overall. Check out this article to read more about the soft skills of top producers. 

Once you’ve identified what is holding you back from initiating the ask and you understand the soft skills you can work on to improve your overall sales strategy and approach, you will likely need fresh prospects on which you can test your new closing tactics. ZipQuote is focused on providing you with high-quality insurance leads. ZipQuote can help you grow your funnel and connect you with high-intent leads and calls. With the right pipeline of quality inquiries and prospects, your team of insurance sales agents will have the resources they need to become top producers. Contact the experienced team at ZipQuote, today

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