Top 3 Ways Agents Can Adapt To Changes In The Insurance Industry

Top 3 Ways Agents Can Adapt To Changes In The Insurance Industry by ZipQuote

17 Jan Top 3 Ways Agents Can Adapt To Changes In The Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is always evolving and changing. The impact of digital usage by insurance consumers is among the biggest changes over the last several years, but fluctuation of rates and the need for quality, high-intent leads to stay competitive, also impacts insurance agencies and the industry as a whole. The good news? When you work with a lead partner like ZipQuote you’ll have a headstart over your peers, who may not have the necessary support to stay on top of industry changes.

Industry Trends And Changes In Insurance Demand Action From Agents

It’s important for insurance agents to adapt as much as possible, creating avenues for success despite shifts and changes in the industry. Keep reading for three solutions to current and ongoing trends and changes in insurance.

Insurance Industry Trend #1: The Rise Of Insurtech And Sales Technology

Solution: A strong tech strategy across your insurance agency

The impact of insurtech is being felt across the insurance industry. Innovations in how insurance rates are calculated, like telemetrics, and digital technology that makes it easier for insurance agents to write more policies, prospect more effectively and train their agents, are all here to stay. Insurtech trends are impacting the insurance industry as a whole, and are likely to shape and influence business decisions as insurance agents consider consumer preferences and industry standards. These new innovations and adaptations shouldn’t be overlooked by insurance agency owners, who can lean into how technology can enhance their data and analytics, streamline their workflows and give them a leg up on competition. If you’re working with a lead partner like ZipQuote, you’re likely getting many qualified leads, and leveraging technology can help make the most of your prospects. 

Insurance Industry Trend #2: Rising Rates In Auto Insurance

Solution: Be prepared to meet consumer demand

It’s not an industry secret that consumers want more for their money, and with rates rising, matching consumer demand for quality products and services will be essential to staying ahead of the competition in 2023. According to the 2023 Insurance Marketing Trends Results by Comperemedia, “Insurance brands will need to stress their value by marketing ways customers can save even while insurers simultaneously raise rates. They will also need to show their commitment to customers through providing relevant access to services and programs that make life easier, safer and more convenient and affordable for consumers.” Personalization and customized plans help consumers feel their needs are being met and heard, can lead to increased loyalty, referrals and most importantly, retention, allowing insurance agents to continue growing their agencies in 2023 and beyond. 

Insurance Industry Trend #3: Increased Demands For Leads

Solution: Partner with ZipQuote

The rise in rates could impact how you spend your marketing dollars, making the need for leads even more essential. When you partner with ZipQuote, you’ll be connected with high-intent prospects in real time, so you can respond quickly and scale your ROI, write more policies and grow your business. An industry leader since 2008, ZipQuote puts agents first and, with the ZipQuote difference on your side, you’ll spend less time searching for prospects and more time nurturing a steady flow of high-intent leads.

Ready To Kickstart Your Lead Strategy And Get Ahead Of All The Trends In 2023?

If you are looking to connect with high-intent insurance consumers, an experienced partner can help you achieve your goals. The experienced ZipQuote team is committed to providing high-quality insurance leads and calls and can help you connect with high-intent consumers. Learn more about how ZipQuote can help you grow your business and register today!

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