Agency Success: 3 Ways To Increase Agency Productivity

Agency Success: 3 Ways To Increase Agency Productivity by ZipQuote

27 Sep Agency Success: 3 Ways To Increase Agency Productivity

Strategy is essential. Goal setting is important. Processes are key. But, none of these matter if your agency is not highly productive. Insurance agency productivity can either  position you for success or pave the way for setbacks. Boosting agency productivity can help you meet the increasing needs of your clients and align your actions with your agency growth goals. 

Finding creative ways to boost efficiency can maximize your agency’s potential and make it more attainable to optimize your business and reach your revenue goals in the increasingly competitive insurance industry. Read on to learn tips and tricks that you can start implementing at your agency that can help you streamline communication, increase daily productivity through automation and maximize your management and technology systems. 

1. Streamline Client Communication 

When was the last time you spoke to that client who has been with your agency since last year? Did you remember to reply to that email from your latest internet lead? When it comes to high conversion and retention rates, communication is key. 

Streamlining simplifies communication processes and makes  it faster and easier to communicate with prospective and existing clients. You can streamline your communication by eliminating unnecessary steps, using various communication channels to stay connected on the go, and establishing a consistent schedule for outbound communication and follow-up to stay connected with your customers. Doing so can help you and your clients understand each other better, and makes working together more efficient and reliable. 

2. Automate Workflows 

Automation is easily accessible and can be very beneficial to implement as it saves time while increasing your insurance agency’s efficiency and productivity. Automating certain workflows can not only save tremendous amounts of time, but it can also significantly reduce the possibility of human error and inefficiency. Automation of workflows and processes can allow for shared review of insurance contracts and documents, instant consent to quickly move forward to the next task, collect eSignatures instantly, and automate payment collection to easily send and receive funds on time.  

As an agent, your time should be prioritized in client-facing opportunities and partaking in meaningful interactions with new potential clients. Automating certain workflows is extremely beneficial as it allows you to take your time back and utilize it to stay connected with your clients yielding more profitability and a more positive customer experience. 

3. Maximize Your Tech Stack

Once you’ve developed a strategy for increasing your productivity, review your tech stack. This will ensure your tools are working as hard as you are toward your business goals. Technology and digital platforms can be very powerful tools to increase productivity and boost efficiency in the insurance industry. Your tech stack is inclusive of choosing the right CRM, a modern marketing campaign, simplified communication channels, accessible internal communication platforms and convenient automation technology. Regularly updating your tech stack is a crucial task to help your agency maximize productivity and reach set goals. It’s important to review your technology systems, marketing strategies and goals and then make sure your tech stack includes everything you need to help you meet and exceed your agency’s goals. 

Implementing the three practices outlined above could help your agency boost productivity, effectiveness and reach your sales goals. These productivity tips and tricks also provide the resources to service more clients at a time while allotting you the time to earn new clients. Keeping track of clients’ needs is crucial to sustain a growing agency, that’s why ZipQuote is designed to simplify processes and maximize connectivity between agents and potential clients. 

The ZipQuote platform is designed to increase sales performance and productivity by connecting you with potential customers shopping online for insurance in live time and at a pace that fits your agency size, and aligns with your monthly, quarterly and annual policy goals.  The ZipQuote platform gives agents full autonomy over your campaigns by allowing you to adjust your campaigns accordingly based on your demands and capacity.  ZipQuote can help agents reach their full agency potential by giving you control of how many prospects you want your team to connect with.Click here to learn more about how ZipQuote can help you grow your business.

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