04 Jun An Agent’s Guide to Finding and Converting Online Insurance Leads

Consumers shop online for nearly everything. Insurance companies need to utilize their online components to not only capitalize on online leads, but also modernize the process of buying insurance. In this article, James Riebel explains strategies to help your company utilize the online tools available to you to enhance your digital presence. Ultimately, it’s a short guide to finding and converting online insurance leads.

Modern consumers shop online for everything from groceries to new homes. It only makes sense that they’re looking to the web for insurance polices as well. After all, why would they pick up the phone and call an agent when they have unprecedented access to information online?

Readily available, summarized information is helping consumers compare policy options to make smarter purchasing decisions, and the trend is only gaining momentum. Depending on the insurance vertical, up to 83 percent of consumers would use the Internet to conduct research before making a purchase if it were an option.

As an insurance agent or company owner, it’s time to consider how your business is responding to this shift. To continue to grow your book of business, you need a strategy to harness the power of the Internet. Your options are plentiful: buying leads, creating websites, running Facebook ads, updating Facebook pages, etc. All of these modern channels allow you to track and automate sales practices.

I’ve heard on more than one occasion that all of this seems overwhelming and expensive. Without a plan, that can certainly be true. However, the best practices mentioned in this article will not only prevent you from getting overwhelmed, but also help your business flourish.

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Define your target audience. The first step is figuring out what types of customers you need. Ask yourself these initial questions

  • Are you targeting more home items this year?
  • Do you need to grow life production?
  • Is auto what you open the sales process with?
  • Or is all of the above a priority?
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