9 Tips For Following Up On Leads – Even If They Won’t Answer The Phone

9 Tips For Following Up On Leads – Even If They Won’t Answer The Phone by ZipQuote

30 Sep 9 Tips For Following Up On Leads – Even If They Won’t Answer The Phone

You’ve partnered with ZipQuote and the leads are coming in hot. What’s next? Best practices for following up with leads, even if they don’t initially answer the phone, is critical to signing policies, scaling your business and staying successful for years to come. The following 9 tips can give you a winning chance at nurturing leads, converting them into policyholders and growing your insurance agency.

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1) Speed To Lead Is Essential

It’s essential that you jump on leads as quickly as possible. The longer you wait, the more likely potential customers will have changed their minds, forgotten they filled out the lead forms or chosen another insurance agency. Be sure to inform your prospects that you are “following up” or “getting back to them,” which serves as a reminder that they made the initial contact. 

2) Time Your Call Appropriately

Certain days and times of the week can get better response times, including Thursday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, in the morning and after 4pm. However, don’t get too stuck in these times if you aren’t getting responses, mix up the times you call. You may not reach them the first time. Keep at it.

3) Create Urgency By Calling Multiple Times

80% of sales happen between the fifth and 12th contact, but 50% of agents only call once. Don’t be the agent that doesn’t keep calling. You should call three times in a row, and if you don’t get a response, continue to call on days and during hours that have been successful for you in the past. Once you’ve made a connection, even if the phone conversation is positive, you will likely need to keep calling to close the deal.

4) Build Rapport With Potential Customers From The First Phone Call

A sale is very likely to take multiple phone calls or contact points to close. By building rapport straight from the jump, you’re more likely to avoid future dodged calls and instead continue the conversation. While your goal is to close deals, a personalized and friendly touch should always be part of the process.

5) Leave Voicemails For Your Prospects Offering To Quote A Price 

If you can’t get anyone to pick up the phone, don’t hesitate to leave voicemails offering to pull a soft quote together, using the information your prospects provided. Be sure to clearly tell them your phone number (twice), and encourage them to call you back for the quote and an opportunity to get the most accurate number. Well-placed voicemails can inspire curiosity! When your prospects call back, start building relationships and rapport and be ready to run hard quotes. 

6) Send Follow-up Emails With Clear Contact Information

Follow up the voicemails by emailing your prospects about the soft quote, which could pique their interest enough to call back. Be sure to remind any leads you’re emailing that you are following up after they expressed interest, and don’t forget to leave clear contact information so they can easily get back to you. 

7) Review Old Leads So They Remain Potential Customers

It can take up to six months to close a sale, and you should definitely hold onto your old leads and keep following up. However, be sure to re-scrub old leads as necessary (this will vary state to state) to follow all applicable regulations and remove any leads that are now on the DNC list from your prospecting list. 

8) Consider Texting Or Reaching Out Over Facebook

By diversifying how you reach your leads, you could increase your chances of making contact and begin to build the relationships necessary to close deals. Some consumers may prefer communicating by text prior to diving into a phone call – this can be particularly true with younger, more phone-averse prospects. 

9) Make Sure You Have Enough Staff To Handle Calls

Is your insurance agency staff well-trained and equipped to handle incoming calls? You don’t want to finally get a call back, and have your prospect get the runaround. Be sure to have a strong CRM in place that helps you keep track of each prospect, how many times they’ve been called and other personalizations that will make their experiences positive throughout the sales process.

Ready to Make The Most Of Your Leads?

Following up effectively and persistently on leads is a fundamental part of signing policies and growing your business, but first you need great leads! Partner with a lead provider like ZipQuote – we’ll connect you with prospects in real time so you can quickly start applying follow-up best practices that can scale your business. The experienced ZipQuote team is committed to helping you connect with high-intent prospects through lead generation and live call transfers, so you can engage high-intent prospects and scale your ROI. From first lead to a strong customer experience strategy, your agency can build from the ground up. 

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