6 Tips For Hiring Car Insurance Agents Who Drive Sales

6 Tips For Hiring Car Insurance Agents Who Drive Sales by ZipQuote

04 Apr 6 Tips For Hiring Car Insurance Agents Who Drive Sales

With a high turnover rate for auto insurance agents and salespeople industry-wide, you want to do everything you can during the recruitment and interviewing process to hire quality agents for your agency. Beyond just driving sales, a strong agent will improve your agency overall, creating quality experiences for your clients and prospects. 

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The following 6 tips can help you navigate hiring pain points and find the best agents to grow your business. And remember, with a partner like ZipQuote, your agents will have opted-in prospects ready to engage.

Tip #1: Maintaining High Standards & Developing An Effective Interview Strategy May Help When Hiring Car Insurance Agents

It can be easy to make the wrong hiring decision when you feel rushed or anxious to grow your agency, but maintaining high standards in your hiring practices will benefit you more long term. Consider working with employment or human resource specialists who can help you develop an interview process, including a set of questions and qualifications, that allow for consistency and strong candidates. 

Tip #2: Current, Trusted Employees Can Offer Insider References That Point You Towards Experienced Candidates 

Like most industries, who you know really matters! Consider asking your current agents for friends and connections they have in the industry who may be looking for a new role. Remember though, just because it’s a friend (of a friend) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t maintain a rigorous and thoughtful interview process.

Tip #3: Your Colleagues And Coworkers Can Help You Interview Insurance Agent Candidates

You don’t have to be the sole person doing the interviewing. A panel interview can elicit unique answers and encourage more conversation from the candidate, or you can try separate interviews with different department heads at the agency. The round robin style exposes the candidate to the culture of your agency, while also letting other stakeholders weigh in on whether a specific interviewee is the right fit.

Tip #4: Social Media May Help You Find Experienced Agents Who Match The Needs Of Your Agency

It’s standard practice these days for qualified candidates with good experience to create a LinkedIn profile, so you should definitely use LinkedIn and other social platforms to reach out to candidates who you think might be well matched to a role at your agency. These profiles will often include industry certifications, recommendations, even connections to other industry professionals you may know. LinkedIn also works when you are looking for someone fresh out of school, hungry and ready to jump into an SDR or trainee position. 

Tip #5: Recruitment Efforts That Positively Highlight Your Agency Strengths & Culture Can Encourage Quality Applicants

When posting ads or other recruitment information related to filling roles at your agency, make sure they paint a clear picture of your expectations (including sales goals) and preferred experience. It’s also beneficial to let recruitment ads highlight your company culture, including “fun” benefits like team lunches, Summer Fridays or similar perks. A key to good recruitment is encouraging the best candidates to apply.

Tip #6: Partner With ZipQuote So Your Top Quality Agents Have High-Intent Insurance Prospects To Nurture And Convert

Just like with customers, agent retention is critical to your growth. Successful sales agents are more likely to stay with your agency when their commissions increase and they gain confidence being a part of your agency’s success. With ZipQuote, agents have a partner committed to their success. We understand that when it comes to lead generation, it’s all about convenience and making the process as seamless as possible. Our agent-focused approach means we constantly improve our products and services to offer the most comprehensive solutions to agents and their teams.

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