5 Ways That Content Can Help Grow Your Insurance Agency


15 Sep 5 Ways That Content Can Help Grow Your Insurance Agency

Whether it’s online reviews or deep-dive research, consumers like to know what they are buying and understand more about the seller. Shopping for insurance is no different. Insurance shoppers have a wide range of companies they can choose from, so it’s important that your agency stands out, not just with the most favorable policies and quotes, but by creating informative, helpful content that addresses consumer pain points and offers reliable advice. Advertising that includes consistent, valuable content has the potential to drive consumers to your agency and encourage interest in your services. Read on to learn more about five content strategies that can help your agency get noticed, especially with a quality lead partner like ZipQuote. 

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1) Create A Variety Of Different Types Of Content Across Channels That Promote Your Insurance Agency

It’s important to reach your customers across different channels, including email, social media and on your website and landing pages. Content such as blogs, FAQs, videos and photo carousels can all boost engagement and encourage insurance shoppers to choose your agency. It’s important to consistently keep up with different trends in content so you aren’t getting lost in changing algorithms. For instance, learn how to make a Reel on Instagram! Additionally, the comments can be a great place to engage with potential customers and get to know them better.

2) Produce Content Consistently So Your Consumers See Your Insurance Agency As An Authority

Content isn’t a one-and-done advertising solution. In order to be considered an authority on a subject, insurance shoppers will want to see that you have a history of knowledge and information that can confidently answer their questions and address their concerns. This may mean back-filling your website with content so that insurance shoppers have something to read and research when they head to your site. Content for other platforms like YouTube should also be created consistently. 

3) Consider How Your Content Looks To Insurance Consumers Shopping On Mobile Devices 

Many insurance consumers, especially younger shoppers, are using their phones to shop for insurance. This includes research, problem-solving and policy comparison. Your content should be mobile-friendly and accessible for these insurance shoppers, just as your enrollment process should be mobile-friendly when possible.

4) Research Popular Keywords And Use Them In Your Content 

Making your content relevant and accessible to your target audience is the first step in getting your agency noticed. Incorporating relevant keywords can make a difference in maximizing your website traffic. A good starting point is to research popular industry keywords with high search volume in search engines. Incorporating relevant content online while partnering with a lead provider like ZipQuote can help your marketing reach your target audience at scale, helping you to sign more policies. 

5) Encourage Your Loyal Customers To Write Reviews And Post Them Across Channels

As increasing consumer demands continue to dominate the insurance space, reviews play a big factor in drawing new business to your agency. Luckily for insurance providers, satisfied customers are happy to share their positive experiences with your agency online. Three effective ways to ask for reviews are in person, on the phone and by including the links to your agency review sites in your email templates. Whether it be Yelp, Google or Facebook, these online platforms give consumers a voice and allow them to influence their peers when searching for insurance providers.

Having The Right Content Can Help Drive Growth, But Make Sure You Also Partner With The Right Lead Provider

Having a great content strategy that covers all your bases can help your agency stand out, however, that is not enough to drive steady growth. Partnering with a lead provider like ZipQuote can help bring steady prospect volume. The experienced ZipQuote team is committed to helping you connect with high-intent prospects through lead generation and live call transfers, so you can write more policies and scale your ROI. From first lead to a strong customer experience strategy, your agency can build from the ground up. 

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