5 Sales Tactics To Recover From Winter Blues & Boost Sales

sales strategy to recover from winter blues

28 Jan 5 Sales Tactics To Recover From Winter Blues & Boost Sales

January is nearly through. Maybe you just realized that you did not start off the new year in the best way. Falling into a sales slump can affect any agent at any time. Whether you are a seasoned insurance agent or just getting started in the insurance business, falling behind can certainly delay your success. However, the effects of a sales slump can quickly be reversed with the right approach. It is important to re-establish your sales strategy before the quarter ends and maintain your positive motivation. Even if January did not start on the right foot, by deploying a few simple practices and behaviors, you can still set yourself up for a strong Q1. Here are five strategies you can implement before the end of January to set yourself for better results in the first quarter of 2021. 

Quickly Update Your Q4 Emails, Replacing “Holiday” With “Winter” Content

From October through December, you may have sent out multiple emails as part of your automated workflows and manual email marketing efforts with copy and graphics based on the “holiday” theme. Look through your email templates for files and designs you used in Q4 email marketing and determine which you can quickly edit to fit your Q1 needs. In many cases, you will be able to change out the word, “holiday” for the word “winter” and still have a relevant message.

The winter months are a good time to promote discount incentives and savings opportunities. When the seasons get colder, consumers are positioned to consider new vehicles that may be better equipped to manage storms, snow and other winter weather events. New vehicles could mean a change to insurance needs also. By making small revisions to your email templates, you can quickly give your email marketing a facelift. To connect with your clients and prospects, you can start deploying “winter” themed messages.

Plan Your Marketing Efforts To Align With Q1 Holidays & Celebrations

The holidays do not stop in December. In fact, there are many holidays and days of celebration from February through March. Q1 is also a good time to start positioning advertising messages that align with tax season in April. 

Choose the holidays that you prefer and set up scheduled social media posts and emails to connect with those days of celebration. Holidays and special days are also good opportunities to deploy customer appreciation efforts or contests. This would drive attention from new prospective customers, especially via social media. Try to use one or two hashtags related to each holiday to attract more views and post impressions. 

Special days in February and March for you to consider in your email, text and social media communications: 

  • Chinese New Year
  • Groundhog Day
  • Super Bowl
  • Valentine’s Day
  • President’s Day
  • Mardi Gras
  • Daylight Saving Time starts
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • March Equinox


Connect With Local Nonprofits To Discuss Partnership Opportunities In Q1

Consumers are constantly looking to partner with companies that share their values. In fact, based on recent reports, 85% of consumers have a better outlook on businesses that give back to a charity they care about. One way to show that you share a customer’s values is by forming a partnership with a local cause or nonprofit organization. Often these groups launch new programs in Q1 to attract donations and raise awareness after the generosity of the holiday season simmers down. You can give back and align your insurance brand with a cause that connects with your customers by getting involved with a program or project in Q1.

Contact nonprofit organizations within your area to learn about the ways you can participate in community and charitable efforts or sponsor programs. This type of community engagement can help you form new relationships and raise brand awareness in your local community. Content related to your sponsorship or participation in charitable efforts is great to share with clients and prospects via social media and email newsletters. Click here to learn more about the benefits giving back can have on your business this year. 

Add Time Slots For Social Media Interactions To Your Weekly Schedule 

Don’t start off the year with an overwhelming amount of automation. You may find that while automated communication is helpful, personalized one-to-one outreach is also valuable for forming and maintaining relationships. Set a schedule that allows you to spend 3 hours per week interacting with clients via social media. Engage with their social pages by liking or commenting on posts. This is similar to the way you would interact with your clients over the phone. Authentic interactions with your best clients via social media is a good way to remain top of mind and maintain lasting relationships. It will be easier to manage this type of organic social interaction if you add it to your weekly schedule. 

Send One Handwritten Note A Day For A Month & Reconnect With Lost Business

While digital marketing strategies are must-haves for any insurance team, there are a few sales tactics that are effective. Do a quick search in your CRM and identify at least 30 clients that you lost in 2020. Or find contacts that did not convert after the first few milestones in the sales journey. Write one handwritten note and send it out each day for a month. While inboxes are overflowing with content, it may be easier to reach consumers with a note sent via traditional mail. Sending a handwritten note shows a level of personalization, care and detail that does not go unnoticed. Incorporate this practice into each quarter of 2021 and see how you can regain lost business and boost your sales this year. Click here to learn more tactics you can leverage to retain and win back former customers.

Even if January wasn’t as productive as you wanted it to be, you still have time to make Q1 a success! One pathway to help boost your success is having a partner to help you with your customer acquisition efforts. Now is the time to connect with experts that can help you achieve your goals. When you partner with ZipQuote, you can expect the assistance of a knowledgeable team of professionals who want to see you succeed. Click here to learn more about how ZipQuote can help you grow your business. Contact us today!

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