4 Ways Agents Can Leverage LinkedIn To Reach More Customers

Insurance sales agents can leverage linkedin to connect with more customers and generate leads

11 Feb 4 Ways Agents Can Leverage LinkedIn To Reach More Customers

As an insurance sales agent, networking has probably been a core part of your outbound business development strategy. For years, networking was achieved by attending industry and community events, engaging in one-to-one conversations and generally handing out traditional business cards and meeting new people. Now, some of the most effective methods of networking are implemented online. Using social media platforms, sales agents have the opportunity to reach, engage and connect with current and potential customers. They can also connect with industry partners and other insurance professionals. Specifically, LinkedIn has become well known as the professional social media network. The platform has developed a strong reputation for promoting networking opportunities among users. 

What Insurance Agents Need To Know About LinkedIn

As of 2020, LinkedIn was reported to have 147 million active users in the U.S. alone. Among LinkedIn users, approximately 60% are between the ages of 25 and 34. This audience segment is important as it represents older millennials, who are in a stage of life to make relevant insurance decisions. In regards to gender representation, 57% of LinkedIn users are men. LinkedIn users are highly engaged on the platform. In fact, in 2020 LinkedIn reported a 55% increase in conversations among users. While LinkedIn is designed to help its users build a network of connections, it can also help you generate new leads and drive your business. 

Easy Ways Insurance Agents Can Leverage LinkedIn To Reach More Customers

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful networking tools available today. As an insurance sales professional, you can benefit greatly from the networking opportunities that LinkedIn provides. While LinkedIn might seem like it is nothing more than a virtual resume and job board, it is actually a powerful platform that can help you establish new and lasting relationships with your insurance clients. Here are simple but effective ways you can start using LinkedIn to grow your business and develop new relationships. 

#1. Create & Optimize Your Personal Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is the first impression that potential customers will have of you on the platform. Your profile will also serve as your “handle” on all messages you send and receive. Remember to list your contact details on your LinkedIn profile and include a professional photo of yourself. Your LinkedIn banner is a great opportunity to promote your company alongside your own personal brand. This can help LinkedIn users better identify you and your services quickly. Make sure you regularly review your profile and keep it up to date. 

#2. Share News & Updates Relevant To Your Business

Remember to engage on LinkedIn regularly. Engagement is as simple as commenting, interacting or sharing posts, in addition to creating your own posts often. You should aim to consistently post and engage with content that is specifically relevant to your insurance business and expertise. LinkedIn users can learn a lot about you based on the content you post and interact with on the site. Add social media posting time to your schedule and remember to post at least once a week to your LinkedIn page. Consider the type of audience you want to engage. Post content that most closely aligns with either the problems your prospective customers are looking to solve or what you want your prospective customers to know about you that differentiates you from your competitors. 

#3. Focus On Genuine Conversations Instead Of The “Hard-Sell” Approach

The message feature on LinkedIn allows you to easily send messages to your connections. When sending messages, avoid an empty query or a vague question. Most prospects don’t want to receive cold messages from someone who clearly has no idea who they are, but already wants to sell you on something. To best position your message to generate a response, focus on a more personalized and conversational approach. Generic messages are easy to spot and often will not help you establish rapport with your connections. 

#4. Join Niche Groups To Enhance Your Ability To Connect To The Right Audiences

According to LinkedIn, the platform currently has more than two million active groups that users can join. Some groups are private and require approval and others are public. Groups represent LinkedIn members who share interests on specific topics, industries or career goals. By joining a group you can align yourself with other LinkedIn users with whom you have common interests, which can help to create warm interactions and more friendly conversations. In addition, by actively participating in group discussions, you also have an opportunity to present yourself as an expert in your field. 

Drive Leads Beyond LinkedIn

To engage with more consumers, it is important that agents learn and adopt new technologies and digital advertising tools. Using a professional networking tool like LinkedIn will supplement your lead strategy. When used correctly, LinkedIn can also be a resourceful way to grow your database, market your services, expand your brand awareness and engage new customers through authentic interactions.

Whether you are a social media maven or are starting to use social platforms to grow your business for the first time, you will notice that social media is most effective when it is paired with other digital tools. As you focus on growing your business this year, it’s important to invest in the advertising and marketing strategies that can help you connect with high-intent customers. The experienced ZipQuote team is committed to providing high-quality insurance leads and calls.  Click here to learn more about how ZipQuote can help you grow your business. Contact us today!

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