4 Ways Insurance Agencies Can Create Better Customer Experiences


11 Aug 4 Ways Insurance Agencies Can Create Better Customer Experiences

Every insurance agent knows that retaining customers is just as important as new business. Customer retention starts with creating a positive customer experience from the very first interaction. Establishing lasting relationships means that customers will stick with you, recommend you to friends and family and continue to trust that you have their best interests at heart regardless of how their insurance needs change.

When creating positive customer experiences, insurance agents must consider every action, from that first phone call, filed claim or inevitable frustration as an opportunity to focus on building relationships that last.

The following 5 practices can help insurance agents create the best customer experience.

1) Insurance Agents Should Reach Out To New Leads Right Away To Set The Right Tone From The Beginning

When working with a lead partner like ZipQuote, insurance agents can feel confident that they’ll always have high-quality leads to reach out to. By being proactive with their leads, insurance agents can quickly establish themselves as competent, engaged and ready to work. The first phone call is a chance to show off your listening skills and connect with potential consumers like you would when making a new friend. It’s also an opportunity to offer solutions to any objections, problems or unique issues potential policyholders might have, offering empathy and real world problem solving.

Creating positive experiences from the very beginning can set the tone for the entire customer/agent relationship. Be sure to also ask for feedback after that initial call, and subsequent calls or interactions, so you can keep building on the positive exchange that hopefully took place initially. Listening is critical at this stage – your customers want to know that you hear their concerns, are paying attention and are proactively working towards resolution.

2) Insurance Agents Should Handle Policy Hiccups Quickly, Warmly And Efficiently

At any insurance agency, questions will arise, and of course, claims will be filed. Let this be your agency’s time to shine. It’s not enough to just secure the sale; your customer service team must also be invested in creating winning customer experiences for your policyholders. This includes addressing any issues right away, doing so confidently, efficiently and in a way that makes customers feel helped, not like burdens. A warm and friendly demeanor, and an easily resolved issue can go a long way towards creating good feelings with customers, and is often something an existing customer will share with friends and family. The ZipQuote team understands the value of a customer-oriented approach.

3) Insurance Agents Can Create Connections With Consistent Communications And Customer Outreach

It’s important for your customers to know that they are always top of mind. This can mean extending a personal touch with your agency communications, including during important milestones like birthdays, anniversaries or welcoming a new teen driver in the house. In-person events like community fairs and festivals offer another opportunity to create personal connections with current and potential customers. Reaching out personally to customers creates a feeling of trust and reliability that extends to customers feeling reassured that their policy is in good hands. Additionally, these milestone events can create relatable content for social platforms and email communications.

4) Insurance Agents Can Engage With Their Customers On Facebook, Making Them Feel Special 

It’s important to prioritize customer engagement as part of your customer experience strategy. For many insurance agents, creating that feeling of family for their customers is integral to their agency image and growth. Facebook can be a very effective social media platform for connecting with your customers one to one, using messenger or in the comments section. Whether it’s bonding over something local to your customer, reassuring customers that their concerns are being noticed or just saying, “hi”, social media platforms can be great places to boost customer engagement. Additionally, by connecting with consumers outside formal business or a transaction-based conversation, customers are likely to feel more comfortable coming to you with their evolving insurance needs in the future.

Communication and transparency are hallmarks of effective customer experience strategies that lead to retention, referrals and new business. To continue to drive growth, agents must also work a steady flow of new prospective clients. If you are looking to connect with high-intent insurance consumers, an experienced partner can help you achieve your goals.

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