4 Ways To Collect Customer Feedback That Can Help Grow Your Agency


22 Jul 4 Ways To Collect Customer Feedback That Can Help Grow Your Agency

Gathering and analyzing customer feedback can be extremely beneficial in improving the customer experience and growing your agency. Customer reviews are becoming increasingly popular, with a growing list of social media channels and platforms for customers to share their opinions and recommendations.

Appropriately leveraging feedback could be a great tool to incorporate into your business model, helping build credibility and trust in your insurance agency. Customer feedback can also help your team improve by helping pinpoint areas of opportunity to focus on to continue meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations. Read on to find out four simple ways to collect feedback and how to implement these strategies to grow your insurance agency. 

#1. Send Follow Up Emails 

One of the most popular ways to solicit feedback is via email. Typically, the email correspondence inviting customers to share their experience is sent after the client has completed a milestone with your team. Through a pre-drafted, automated email you can send a personalized message that leads to a quick survey. The key is to make it easy for the customer to leave their comments without taking too much of their time. Remember to be intentional with the questions included in the survey to cover points of the customer journey that are most important to learn about from an outside perspective. A short survey could help uncover clients’ needs, expectations, and satisfaction levels and can highlight areas where your team is excelling and what could be areas of opportunity to work on. Additionally, including an actionable subject line in the email with an open-ended question could be a strategic way to line up a review and attain customer feedback by making clients feel like their experience with your agency is valuable. 

#2. Send SMS Surveys

In today’s digital world, most consumers are accustomed to spending a significant amount of time on their smartphones, making SMS messaging an extremely powerful and convenient channel to request and receive feedback. With SMS correspondence, there is a huge window of opportunity to capitalize on as an insurance agent. While establishing a personal relationship with your client during the sales process and providing the services they require, consumers could be more open to receiving text messages from their trusted insurance agency. Additionally, some consumers may prefer text message communication to email communication as SMS texts tend to have higher open rates than email, making it crucial to cater to this audience. A short personalized message with an easy-to-click hyperlink to the survey landing page could be embedded within SMS messaging, allowing you to place the survey at the fingertips of your customers, while also making the feedback collection process extremely easy to access and quick to complete. When incorporating SMS marketing into your follow-up process, it’s crucial to be aware of and follow any applicable compliance policies and regulations. 

#3. Ask For Online Reviews 

The saying “you don’t get what you don’t ask for” applies well when it comes to obtaining customer feedback. If you notice a customer seems happy with your services or compliments your team’s efforts, it’s the perfect opportunity to ask if they would be willing to share their experience. Developing a habit of asking for reviews and feedback can become a part of your team’s efforts to retain customers, by voicing their enthusiasm for hearing about each customer’s satisfaction. Practicing this habit can become a part of your company culture, where all customer-facing employees feel comfortable asking for a review, ultimately helping promote and grow your agency’s online exposure and credibility. 

Generally, customers tend to rely on online reviews and other people’s experiences when making purchasing decisions, so a glowing review can have a positive domino effect, bringing new customers into your agency. Popular review platforms such as Google reviews, Facebook reviews and Yelp reviews can play a particularly important role and can also be easily displayed directly on your agency’s website to showcase existing customer satisfaction and increase the credibility of your business. 

#4. Reward Customers For Their Feedback 

Perhaps the most simple way to encourage your customers to provide feedback and leave online reviews is to find creative ways to reward them. These incentives can be a monthly gift card giveaway, a raffle where the winner is selected at random and announced on a specific date and time, or a quarterly ‘dinner for two’ give-away to a local restaurant. Finding creative ways to incentivize customers to leave reviews and provide feedback can make a significant difference in the amount of feedback you receive, helping to promote business growth.  

Customer feedback is an important component of building a positive business reputation and can often translate into overall business growth. Although customer feedback can be a meaningful part of your business process, you should also incorporate a mix of other marketing tools that work together to drive business and help ensure you meet your agency goals.  ZipQuote can help connect you with high-intent prospects through lead generation and live call transfers. The experienced ZipQuote team is committed to providing high-quality insurance leads and calls and can help you connect with high-intent customers. Click here to learn more about how ZipQuote can help you grow your business.

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