4 Great Ways To Build Lasting Relationships With Your Customers

4 Great Ways To Build Lasting Relationships With Your Customers by ZipQuote

15 Jul 4 Great Ways To Build Lasting Relationships With Your Customers

If you’ve been in the insurance industry for a while, you probably know how difficult it can be to attract new customers and retain long-term clients in the competitive insurance industry. As business owners, the success of your team and your agency is rooted in building lasting relationships with clients, and keeping retention rates high is crucial in meeting and exceeding month-to-month quotas.

As sales professionals and entrepreneurs, insurance agents have to leverage a relationship-building approach during each interaction with potential and existing customers. The consumer base who regularly turns to your agency for their insurance needs is a huge asset your agency has earned through a trustworthy relationship-building approach.

How To Build Lasting Relationships

By adjusting your sales approach to not only prioritize attracting new business, but also nurturing existing client relationships to increase customer satisfaction and retention, your agency can continue to drive increased revenue and sales. Read on to learn four practices that could help your agency ensure customers feel taken care of and remain clients for years to come.   

#1. Maintain Open And Transparent Communication

Effective communication and practicing outstanding listening skills are important components of relationship building. As an agent, you have to understand the needs and priorities of your customers so you can meet those expectations and provide them with suitable products and services that align with their needs. By mastering and practicing strong listening skills, you can better understand your clients’ needs, priorities, challenges, and objections, and ultimately be able to connect with your audience on a more personal level. By practicing effective listening skills and promoting open and transparent communication, you instill trust in your clients and convey that you have their best interests in mind. Consequently, they can feel more comfortable trusting your expertise to provide the right solutions for their insurance needs.

#2. Take A Customer-First Approach

Having strong customer support and taking a customer-first approach can make the difference between a short-term customer and a loyal client. Ultimately, once a client decides to move forward with your services, you’ve gained their trust and they should feel comfortable turning to you and your team members after the sale for anything that may come up related to their policy. Making yourself available to existing clients is a great way to continue building trust and helping customers feel valued, appreciated and important to your agency, which could help scale consumer retention rates.

#3. Encourage Consumer Engagement

Consumer engagement is a key component of a positive customer experience and can help promote a customer-first approach. Customers want to feel heard, and it’s important they have the channels and platforms to share their insights and experiences with you and other members of your agency. Consumer engagement can come in various forms: in-person interactions, contact through your website, outreach via social media platforms and email communication. Having accessibility and engagement through multiple channels can help build and increase personal connections and allow each customer to have the opportunity to connect with your agency in the way that makes them feel most comfortable. Connecting with your agency outside of just the sales process could motivate the consumer to continue turning to you and your team for their insurance needs and increase retention

#4. Solicit Feedback & Follow Up Promptly

Another important component of forming lasting relationships with your clients is welcoming feedback and engaging in a post-sale following-up process. Soliciting feedback and promoting consumer engagement could help consumers feel like their opinions matter and are important to you and your agency team. Feedback promotes honesty and helps continue building trust in the client-agent relationship. Although it may be difficult to receive constructive criticism, when approached the right way, it could help pinpoint areas of opportunity where your team can improve. 

Following up is an essential part of the sales cycle, but it gets often overlooked during the post-sale stage. Following up with an existing client with a simple personal thank you note for being a valued part of your agency can help a customer feel like an individual, not just an account number or a transaction. Once you’ve formed a strong relationship and provided your client with stellar customer service and opportunities to communicate openly, it may even become easier to ask for referrals and continue building on that relationship and continue promoting your business growth.

Maintaining current clients is key to agency success, but to continue to drive growth, agents should continue working a steady flow of new prospective clients. ZipQuote can help connect you with high-intent prospects through lead generation and live call transfers. The experienced ZipQuote team is committed to providing high-quality insurance leads and calls and can help you connect with high-intent customers.

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