4 Facts About Live Call Transfers That Can Help Your Agency

4 Facts About Live Call Transfers That Can Help Your Agency by ZipQuote

20 Feb 4 Facts About Live Call Transfers That Can Help Your Agency

Don’t waste time dialing on unqualified leads! Of course, it’s great to have quality and quantity internet leads, but live call transfers can save you time and money by delivering pre-qualified prospects directly to you. The potential customers are pre-screened, drawn directly from sophisticated filtering set by you, and sent directly to your phones at the right time.

ZipQuote Live Transfers Let Agents Focus On Closing Deals

With live call transfers from ZipQuote, you can focus on signing policies and nurturing leads for future business. Keep reading for four more reasons live call transfers can help grow your business.

1) Pre-Qualified Live Transfers Get The Conversation Started For Agents

At ZipQuote, live transfers are pre-qualified, which means interest has already been gauged and the conversation has been started. You don’t have time to waste chasing bad leads; with live call transfers you jump right on the phone with customers who are already interested. The best part? The calls are all TCPA compliant and their information is right in front of you, so you can quickly get started with a personalized, targeted call.

2) 100% Contact Rate Means Agents Connect With High-Intent Consumers

And, speaking of time, with calls transferred directly to you, you don’t have to waste time trying to get customers on the phone. Qualified, contacted, leads are coming straight to you with the parameters you set, including any pre-selected territories or filters. Calls only come in during business hours, so you’re ready and available to get to work. 

3) Live Transfer Calls Offer Agents Exclusivity

Insurance agents know how competitive insurance sales are, and with rate changes and other industry headwinds creating additional hurdles, having access to exclusive, vetted leads can make all the difference – both to new agents trying to build their books or seasoned agents looking to scale their businesses. By being first on the line, and connecting with prospects at the height of their intent, agents have a better chance of closing a lead or nurturing a prospect who could become a policyholder down the road.

4) Live Transfer Calls Offer Better ROI And Higher Closing Ratios

The Live Call Transfer team at ZipQuote engages prospects in warm, personalized conversations, while ensuring they meet strict qualifications and are currently able to purchase a policy. This approach means live transfers offer better ROI and higher closing rates. Agents who use live call transfer leads report closing ratios up to 11%. When the call transfer service is used in combination with our lead generation services, a multichannel (search, mobile, social) and compliant approach, agents report 24% higher quote rates and 78% higher policy rates.

ZipQuote Live Call Transfers Offer Premium Quality & Guaranteed Contact

High-intent consumers looking for insurance quotes are qualified by our specialist team, then sent to your phone. All you have to do is answer. Experience the power of exclusive insurance leads

Do You Want To Connect With More High Intent Insurance Customers?

If you are looking to connect with high-intent insurance consumers, an experienced partner can help you achieve your goals. The experienced ZipQuote team is committed to providing high-quality insurance leads and calls, including live transfers, to help you connect with high-intent consumers. Learn more about how ZipQuote can help you grow your business and register today!

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