Working From Home: 3 Ways To Stay Motivated

work from home: 3 ways to stay motivated on desk

08 Jul Working From Home: 3 Ways To Stay Motivated

For many insurance professionals, working from home may still be quite new. The insurance industry is  incredibly fast-paced and it has become known as a person-to-person business. This may make agents working from home feel disconnected at times. While working from home might feel unfamiliar or uncomfortable, many companies believe that employees who work remotely have better productivity. Successfully working from home is directly connected to a professional’s ability to stay motivated. Here are three tips for staying motivated while working remotely.

 #1. Create A Home Schedule & Maintain “Going To The Office” Behaviors

When working in a remote environment, after years at a traditional office, you might need to re-establish a formal work schedule. Without an office-based work schedule, you may be distracted by home-related tasks such as housework, grocery shopping, meal preparation or parental duties. Here are five things you should incorporate into your new work from home schedule:

  1. Wake up at a reasonable time
  2. Practice a pre-work morning routine (This might include exercise, journaling, listening to a podcast, meditation etc.)
  3. Make time for breakfast and lunch
  4. Create blocks of time for uninterrupted work, calls and meetings
  5. Remember to sign off to avoid work burn-out


Whether you enjoy exercise, meditation or simply a breakfast that does not require multi-tasking, prioritize morning activities that will fuel you for a positive day. Get dressed in clothes that put you in a business mindset and create a work schedule that fits your needs. HR experts say that dressing for success can  help you feel more motivated. It will also prepare you for on-the-fly video calls with clients, prospects and team members. Click here to read tips for boosting your productivity (link to productivity blog) while working from home. Remember, sticking to a schedule will help you stay motivated and may help you create a work/life balance.

#2. Create A Dedicated Workspace Or Office For Working At Home 

To stay motivated and productive you should establish a dedicated work space when working from home. A home office or an area designated specifically for work may help you get into the business mindset. Here are a few items to consider when creating your new telecommuting home office or work space:

  • Make sure the area is spacious enough for you to work comfortably throughout the day
  • Include photos, motivational images, plants or other objects that help you stay enthusiastic, positive and energized
  • Consider setting up your remote work space in an area with little noise and minimal distractions
  • If possible, setup your workstation near a window for natural light, which could also positively impact your mood


Maintaining a dedicated work space can help you set boundaries between work and home life when you working from home.

#3. Prioritize Transparency, Collaboration & Communication With Your Team

Insurance is a personable business. An insurance agent’s ability to engage, interact and collaborate with others is often an indicator of their salesmanship. Both your sales process and your new home schedule should include time to communicate with your team. This will help you maintain a flow of information that will best serve your current and prospective clients. Schedule weekly video check-ins. Don’t underestimate the power of positive relationships in the sales process. Maintaining a sense of connection and congeniality with your insurance colleagues will help you stay motivated while working from home.

You Can’t Be Productive Working at Home Without The Right Tools

A schedule, working from home plan and a solid sales process are vital to your productivity. You will need the right tools to help you along the way. Whether you are working in a traditional office setting or telecommuting, ZipQuote can provide you with high quality leads, reliable volume, and excellent agent-focused service to help you with your unique marketing needs. Our agent enrollment team is available to answer questions about our insurance leads and facilitate enrollment. Contact our team today to get started while you are WFH! Contact us!



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