3 Tips To Help You Recruit A Winning Insurance Agency Team

3 Tips To Help You Recruit A Winning Insurance Agency Team by ZipQuote

21 Oct 3 Tips To Help You Recruit A Winning Insurance Agency Team

The strength of your team determines the strength of your agency. Having a strong recruiting process is an essential building block of establishing a winning agency. Investing time and leveraging different resources to reach out to potential candidates could help you connect with a qualified pool of candidates to select and train up. Your recruiting process can help your long-term success by focusing on onboarding client-centered service team members and experienced sales professionals that will help your agency stand out from the competition, attract more clients and retain your book of business. Read on to learn three ways of strengthening your recruiting process and connecting with local talent to fill open positions. 

Leverage Social Media To Connect With Job Seekers

Social media is a powerful channel to connect with prospective employees, learn their educational and professional backgrounds, skill sets and career experience. Social media channels can provide powerful platforms and cost-effective tools to help you scout candidates and initiate connections with prospects who could be a good fit for your agency. 

One of the most influential social media networks for professional connections and recruiting is LinkedIn. LinkedIn could help you connect with candidates who have the type of work experience you are looking for, and it allows you to make connections with potential employees and spark up meaningful conversations instantly. Additionally, LinkedIn allows you to showcase your agency and team, while promoting open positions for job seekers. 

Another great way to leverage social media for recruiting new candidates is by placing ads or creating advertising campaigns on social media channels to reach your target audience and desired candidate pool. This could be a great way to find candidates quickly and generate “recruit leads” to interview.

Establish Relationships With Local Universities 

Finding young talent can be very beneficial in the long run, especially in a competitive industry like insurance. Generally speaking, insurance is an industry that requires hands-on experience and real-life situations to learn from and master how to be successful. Establishing relationships with local universities could help you attract young talent to your team who you can train up to be successful sales producers or client success experts. Finding entry-level candidates can give you the opportunity to teach, mentor and educate them early on in their careers on best practices, company culture and industry trends. 

Partnering with local universities can help you attract young talent and have a steady stream of candidates to fill open positions, allowing you to sustain rapid agency growth as your book of business continues to grow. This could also be a mutually beneficial relationship for the college or university, as it is invested in helping its graduates find jobs right out of college. Another bonus that could result from recruiting locally is getting your agency’s name out there and earning brand recognition throughout the campus.

Ask For Referrals From Current Employees 

Referrals are great, especially if they come from a trusted employee who knows your business, your expectations and has experienced firsthand what it takes to succeed. Whether friends, family, colleagues or professional contacts chances are some of your employees may have referrals to pass along who could be a good fit for your company culture or even have some experience in the industry. Being open to referrals and encouraging your team to refer from their network could help to strengthen your agency. It can be challenging to recruit employees who fit your company culture, are hardworking and willing to learn. Finding loyal employees who are committed to your agency’s success is not easy, so once you find long-term employees with these traits, ask them to refer candidates in their networks who could be good fits for your team. 

Once you’ve established a reliable recruiting process, and built up a solid team to take care of your clients, a great way to retain employees is by providing your team with the resources they need to be successful at your agency. Lead generation is a great way to boost employee satisfaction and increase retention because your team can consistently rely on a healthy flow of high-intent shoppers to connect with, making them feel supported with the right tools to meet and exceed their sales quotas. Interested in implementing lead generation at your pace and with full control of your campaigns? ZipQuote empowers insurance agents to select a series of target regions, demographics and filters for customized insurance lead campaigns. Click here to learn more about how ZipQuote can help you grow your business.

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