30 Jul 3 Strategies for Keeping Your Best Customers Happy

Do you know off-hand who your best customers are? They’re more than likely low-profile clients who fly under the radar, quietly renewing their policies each year, driving your business without making too many demands.

Your best customers are the ones you’ve built a stable relationship with, who invest in your offerings without needing incentives or asking for unreasonable discounts.They might not be your largest account, but you can count on their business. Put simply, happy customers are easy to work with and reliable. More than anything, they’ll be your advocates for the long-haul, which is worth more for your bottom line.

To help you identify your most profitable customers, look for loyalty from the few who will pay full price for your high-quality products and services, and proactively refer your services to others.

Once you’ve established a solid, happy working relationship with a client you trust, it’s your job to nurture that connection. To help you keep your best customers happy, we’ve outlined 3 practical ways below:

  1. Test Your Brand Messaging

Collect as much data as possible about your best customers. With them in mind, test your brand messaging using social CRM tools to see how your audience responds to the content. For example, try a monthly newsletter or a social media posts and assess the performance to get an idea of how you’re resonating with your preferred clients.

  1. Develop a long-term marketing plan

Use the data generated from your messaging trials to develop a centralized marketing plan that focuses on attracting more clients like your most profitable and reliable segment. Essentially, you want to build a strategy that allows you to specialize in offering your best product to your best audience.

  1. Build and deepen relationships

Show your best customers how much you appreciate their business by sending rewards, personalized emails and handwritten thank-you notes. Not only does this promote client loyalty, it helps lay the groundwork for turning good customers into good friends.

Knowing who your best customers are allows you to focus your energy on recreating the success you’ve had with the right people for your business. This will naturally increase your revenue stream by attracting more loyal customers and simultaneously make you happier in the long run.

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